Bomb threat at CNN minutes after Trump tweet UPDATE: All-clear given


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With this and the MAGAbomber it’s only a matter of time before effective bombing attacks against the Democratic Party and news outlets Donny Golden Showers doesn’t like


“They called in their own fake threat” - every trumpkin.




Maybe this tweet wasn’t an incitement to violence, but more of an admission…

“I lie constantly, and thus all my “news” is fake as shit. I have to get it off my chest that I myself am truly the enemy of the people.”

just a thought…


With that kind of strategic insight, you really should tweet at Guiliani to join the Presidential legal defense team! DREAM JOB ALERT


Problem is, that wouldn’t help the Hair Fuhrer…

I tried to come up with a reasonable and logical interpretation of his tweets, but only ended up getting a little sick in my own mouth when I tried to explain them away…


I think the simpler, and more likely explanation, is that he’s merely an amoral narcissistic con-man, who would probably be a shady used car salesman if daddy weren’t wealthy.


Hello Police, Hello? Is this on? I just wanted to let you know that your “fake news” headquarters (which is totally wrecking america)…

…is full of the 5 very best bombs. “Presidential” harassment must end!?! MAGA. #NotTrump #BestBombs


You just can’t let me have my unrealistic fantasy that will let me cling to some semblance that the world’s going to be ok can you?

Blah blah blah occam’s razor…


Blue pill insanity


Honi soit qui mal y pense?


#falseflag as always. Even though they also sympathize with the bomb threatener, and wish they had called it in themselves.


To bad there’s no sound…


There was a line that Trump could have ridden where he insulted and negged CNN just enough that they would eat out of his hand just to get a little access. Instead, he’s gone so far over the line that he’s converting the reputation of this once corporate, milquetoast-at-best, complicit in neoliberal-horrorshow-at-worst network into a scrappy truth-to-power freedom machine. How far are we from the flashy faux-military uniforms and fake medals?


For people that toxic and narcissistic their anger is almost always a reflection of the kind of person they are and the kind of things they do. If they accuse some one of something you can bet that have done or will likely do something much worse.


We have American terrorist. We must face and dismantle them.


with some luck, somebody will show-up with 5 berry-vest bombs.


I bet he couldn’t even do shady car sales successfully, he’s so incompetent.