Boogaloo Boy who livestreamed himself "hunting" cops jailed for 50 years for attempted murder and "hate crime"

Have you ever been to Utah?

I suspect that other state legislators feel the same way.



I’m not sure how the rationale of ongoing systemic violence towards a group based upon the characteristics and the lack of action by law enforcement applies to police and judges.

And of course- there are already many laws providing for enhanced punishment for violence against police.

  • All 50 states have laws that make it a serious crime to assault or kill law enforcement officers.
  • Federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1114) requires the death penalty or a life sentence for killing a federal officer.
  • Federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1121) imposes a death or life sentence for killing a local officer involved in a federal investigation.

I’m glad boogaloo dumbo was prosecuted, although 80 years prison for threatening violence is obviously just a power move from the cops/prosecutors who approach criminal justice as “us against them” gang warfare.

As an aside, this is Texarkana so he was right next to Arkansas and within ~20 miles of Louisiana and not too much further from Oklahoma. If running from Texas cops in a high speed pursuit there, why didn’t he drive to another state or two


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Oh definitely Body Count for the fury, but I like the John Maus one for the kind of 80’s action, horror movie/John Carpenter vibe. The “we are going to hunt them down, kill them, not break a sweat and look really badass while doing it” vibe

Thumbs up for Fatima Mansions, haven’t listened to them in a while


Just like the only way a rich white person goes to prison is when he or she swindles other rich people (hi Liz Holmes!), the only way a white supremacist goes to prison is when he threatens other white supremacists (in this case members of a racist institution).


Yep. And the only time a cop will hold another accountable is if he transgresses against another cop.


I think some states added cops to the hate crimes statute as an Eff U to black lives matter protesters.

Bias or prejudice enhancements can be sought where the defendant selected a person or his or her property to victimize based on the defendant’s bias against “a group identified by race, color, disability, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, gender, or sexual preference, or by status as a peace officer or judge.

[emphasis added]


I liked this bit from the Atlantic article (Hate crime against cop):

“The arresting document stated that she was ‘smirking in an intimidating manner.’”


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I read that they do:


Ah… first they came for the Boogaloo Boys & I said nothing, eh?

Prosecutors have been doing this shit for decades… threatening to throw the book at someone if they don’t accept a plea deal… and the victim can’t afford to fight the charges.
This part is probably relevant:

I’m guessing he isn’t a rich man’s pup.


You and I respectfully disagree regularly, but on this we agree.

I appreciate Rob’s concern that this is flirting with being arrested for a thoughtcrime, but there also needs to be a line of “imminent threat” somewhere and this guy was clearly over it.

People of colour will (and are) of course also going to be shot dead for a lot less, but that isn’t an argument for having fewer laws or not trying to prevent crime that’s obviously about to happen. We need to get cops to stop murdering people for no reason, which is worlds away from what happened here.

Frankly I’m amazed this clown will do real time, being white and a fascist. His kind mostly get let off easy these days.


Alternately, “he had a cold, expression-less demeanor”.
Or “he was good natured and relaxed, clearly signally his intentions to lure officers into a false sense of security”.
Or “she was elderly and disabled, probably a product of socio-communist orthodoxy and terrorist intentions”
Or “he was calmly typing at a keyboard in his home, ready at any moment to spring into a killing spree before going to bed”


Now we’ve even managed to turn Elves into extremists

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I get the point that any demeanour could be interpreted as evidence of a threat, but the Christchurch shooter sat at his computer sending off copies of his “manifesto” immediately before he went out to begin his attack.


So glad to see our men in blue are FINALLY getting some justice. Puke.

His only mistake was threatening a government backed fascist gang. If he were an intelligent violent sociopath, he’d move a county or two over, and join up.