Book-spine switch-plate


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Caveat: one reviewer complains about a “high sheen plastic” that covers it.

I can understand why it would be laminated with clear plastic, to protect the artwork and make it easier to clean. Light switch plates encounter a lot of dirty hands.

It would be cool though if the plates were made using actual buckram book cloth, the kind that has an easy-to-keep-clean finish on it. (Described as “aqueous acrylic” on Wikipedia.)

That’s what we used to rebind heavily-used books that didn’t require an especially artistic binding when I worked for my university library’s conservation department. It’s a little garish looking compared to high quality leather-bound books, but it kept costs down for purely utilitarian bindings.

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WTF, Franklin Library editions? Why not go all the way and use Reader’s Digest Condensed Books spines?

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I’m not sure if I would put this on my wall, I don’t find this very pleasing for a wall mount.

It would be better if it had Asimov, Bradbury and Heinlein on it or even Howey!

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