Booting Megyn Kelly immediately improved NBC's ratings


Like an Inverse Dwayne Johnson, who gets hire to bump the ratings on movie franchises.


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$69m to attract a non-existent audience. The Fox seniors were used to watching her at night. What kind of person would assume that a significant number of those ~3m people would follow her to the morning? And, you know, at 9 AM, maybe some of that nighttime audience is working?
Who had the brilliant idea? The head of NBC News – same genius who put Brian Williams back on the air because who the fuck needs Brian Williams?
Too: If her contract doesn’t have a provision that NBC can shit can her if they want the instant she causes embarrassment to them (albeit maybe with a fixed payout, I’d be amazed. But with Andy Lack, who knows?
I’m still amazed at the money pissed away on her…


The Today Show is no longer a morning news show that connects with me. I have switched to CBS.


They are losing the ratings battle and try to change the down turn by serving up a smorgasbord of host that spend the morning trying to out talking each other. They did much better in the past with two or three host including the weather person. I think Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are nice people but in the wrong time slot. Sorry but I can’t take them seriously as newswomen. They should have a chick show at 10AM, drink chardonnay and giggle until lunch time.


I don’t get the appeal of watching any corporate TV morning show, given they all cater to a 12-year old’s level of intellect (and how there’s now so, SO much other and better content out there). 99% of corporate TV strikes me as sheer, teeth-grinding idiocy. There’s nothing on it that I watch anymore.


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