Booting Megyn Kelly immediately improved NBC's ratings

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She makes me kinda’ queasy.


Now let us never speak of her again.


Let’s hope the idiots who handle hiring don’t see this as some kind of “New Coke” strategy.


She’s horrible, all right. But isn’t it possible that the ratings bump is a product of all the discussion the network has gotten recently (in a “no publicity is bad publicity” way), rather than a referendum on the superior quality of the new Megynless version?


And she was one of the “good” ones from Fox News. Someone who seemed to have a soul and a conscience.

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Translation: none of her colleagues liked her. Who could have guessed that spending a decade being professionally outraged at everything would transform you into someone hardly anybody who isn’t professionally outraged wants to spend time with?


Seeing as ratings are the most important metric tracked by the executive branch of the US government

I always knew Max Hedroom would be the dystopia that comes true.


I liked her show and have since stopped watching the new one. I personally am not a fan of Al.

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“She was a speed bump placed right in the middle of a four-hour block of programming—dismantling the sense of teamwork on that set and the flow that will get you all the way through from the hard news at 7 a.m. to the light talk through 11 o’clock.”

What makes me queasy is the idea that a significant number of people are actually consuming television in this sort of quantity on a regular basis. As in, pretty much every day. But I guess it’s probably true. This analyst thinks this way for a reason.

I suspect that video is just not a very good medium for news. It allows impressions and feelings to override facts and relevant questions too easily. It can be done well, but it takes a conscious effort by experts, and with hundreds and hundreds of hours of television to fill up every day, that’s happening less often than it used to.


that does sound like a nice career actually - get hired on by shows and then fired to improve ratings.

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I gave Magen a fair try. Before the black face episode I was switching her off anyway. I think she was getting to opinionated and angry. Her disposition was charging daily I couldn’t figure her out. This may upset some people but. Supposedly the ,“racist comment” I truly believe it was not intentional! , just saying.

Why the fucking fuck did those morons hire her in the first place? It’s not like “Megyn Kelly is a racist pig” is a surprise to anyone.


I liked her show. In my opinion she was the only a-political person on her show and NBC didn’t like that. I, now, watch Pickler and Ben, on CBS, in that time slot.

“Corporate media is happy to exploit racism for money” shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone either.

MSNBC just slightly misjudged the degree to which MSNBC viewers prefer that the racism be covert.

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She performed indignant rightwing outrage. You seriously couldn’t see that?


Whaaat? No. She’s the one that came up with “terrorist fist-bump”, etc., remember?



too soon?