NBC confirms: Megyn Kelly kicked off Today show after her blackface comments


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Maybe now she gets it?


Doubtful; willful ignorance is a helluva drug.


Most depressing thing about it is she gets a $67 million reward for being a racist toerag.


If she is walking away (again) with a huge payout, can NBC just let the contract run out without her appearing anywhere on TV at all? It would be a nice break, not having to see her get attention for a while.


A few years ago I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Must be a good journalist in there somewhere, it’s just the place she works at that’s making her say these stupid things. She has shown, at rare times, that she can ask those piercing questions. Cue her moving to NBC and proving me hilariously wrong. Lesson learned: no need to give Fox News employees any credit, they’ll only disappoint you.


Before someone chimes in about “Can’t we even ask the question/talk about it?”

Yes, you can. That isn’t what the issue is about. It is about once asking the question the inane, tone deaf answer one gave for support of that side of the “conversation”. I suppose had you brought on an “expert” to make your point, you insulate yourself. But when you double down and make these fallacious arguments yourself, and don’t conceded your point after having them reasonably well countered (or at the least an “I can see your point, it is a very good one.”) then you run the risk of repercussions.


I’m sure the Devil’s Advocate feels terrible for her.


But but but …there’s no such thing as racism, right? I mean, the sixties, right?




The world needs ditch diggers too.


Also, to be a fly on the wall of the NBC meeting where this was decided. They spent a lot of money on her and got a couple of years of daytime tv of dubious quality. Could have spent that money on, you know, actual journalists.


It’s official: Racist Bigot Megyn Kelly is off NBC’s morning Today show.



Now I’m visualizing Kelly working on Trump’s wall in a Oaxacan dress.


I’m just wondering what NBC thought it was getting. I mean, this is the person who extemporaneously insisted Santa was white.


But she might chip a nail!?! /s