NBC to go ahead with Alex Jones interview


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Megyn Kelly is the new Geraldo Rivera.


Does that mean she’s going to open someone’s safe in a dramatic fashion on live TV sometime soon?


I was thinking she’s going to host a panel discussion with Richard Spencer.


Do not feed the trolls (unless feeding trolls will garner ratings).


Feeding a Troll could be quite amusing if said troll isn’t self aware enough to realize they themselves are being trolled into performing on command.

I’m all for this interview if it plays like, “Look at my pet lunatic! Isn’t he just ridiculous and adorable?”


Total unhinged lunatic, just perfect for the TGOP.



never gets old


I like crazy.

Alex Jones is not the good kind of crazy.


Yes crazy can be fun, but Nazi Lunatic is dangerous, very.


I wish there was a way of fuzzing pictures on BB. I find that kind of violence very disturbing, regardless of the human being towards whom it is directed.


Is that better?


Let’s just say that she’s not likely to be found climbing over the walls of incompetent, secretive state-institutions that abuse and neglect their patients.


… yes, but only if it includes a serious rebuttal.


Is NBC trying to grab ratings, or is this an expose of what a scumbag Jones is? (Can it be both, or is any publicity good publicity for him?)

Will it matter to Jones’ true believers? Nope.

Will it matter to those of us who already hate Jones? Nope.

Best case scenario: NBC/Megyn Kelly completely eviscerates Jones as a huckster, gets good ratings, but then he goes back to making money off paranoia, maybe even using clips from the interview to fuel some new conspiracy (and if the interview never took place he would still find “evidence of the NWO” in just about anything else, yogurt containers for example.)


The thing is, this troll has the ear of the fricking president. I think it’s worth showing to the world what kind of scum he is. So long as this interview is shedding light on his disgusting beliefs – which it sounds like it does – instead of smoothing them over, I see no problem with it.


Yes. Thank you!


Sure. Happy to oblige!