Megyn Kelly can't understand why blackface is offensive


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I can’t understand why anyone listens to Megyn Kelly. so…even?


“When I was a kid, it was ok,” she said on NBC News this morning.

Wow, she looks a lot younger than most people born in the 1940s.


Megyn Kelly can’t understand why blackface anything is offensive



I can’t tell if the other panelists either don’t know the history of blackface or think it doesn’t matter in the context of the conversation.


Bless her blonde, angular little heart–she’s not being disingenuous here: she really can’t understand it. She’s smart and well-educated, and utterly, 100% incapable of understanding the world outside of her own direct experience.

She understands that sexism is bad and wrong and saying offensive and demeaning things to women is wrong because she’s a woman and of course she understands it. It affects her so how could anyone feel otherwise? But ask her to look at why something might be offensive or demeaning to someone else for reasons outside her own experience and it’s like trying to explain an episode of the Simpsons to a shark.


And this is why she got her start giving hummers to Roger Ailes.


First they took the “Christ” out of Christmas, now they’re taking the blackface out of Halloween. What next ?!?! Will they take the cross burning out of Southern Heritage Day? /s


Just remembering another of Megyn’s greatest hits:


She’s the same one who insists Santa is white, IIRC?


If pressed, she’d probably also suggest Rudolf was white.


Best giveaway: equivalency btwn white kids wearing blackface and black kids wearing whiteface (which happens never). I had to listen to it again just to make sure I actually heard that. The ignorance is just as stunning as the willingness to out yourself as that ignorant on national TV.


Megyn Kelly, please wear blackface if you don’t think its a big deal. Do it.


Megyn can trace her roots (cough) back to the minstrel performers of days past, yet she seems ignorant of her own heritage. Sad.


Never dress up as mimes?


Yeah, came here to say the same thing. I grew up in the 70s and it really even wasn’t ok then.


Christ, some people really are just incredibly stupid dickheads. I suspect she’s also one of the people who apparently believe golliwog dolls aren’t in any way racist. :unamused:





You know, there are an infinite number of possible Halloween costume ideas out there, why even consider blackface?