Megyn Kelly annoyed that Satanist is intelligent

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Had she been practicing in front of the mirror again?


Still perplexed as to why so many people like to conflate Baphomet with the Satan of the Christians…

Also - why/how could the host not deviate from her script? How does hard-scripting interviews make any kind of sense? I can understand a list of possible questions or points just to serve as a reminder, but if you obviously aren’t certain as to what the guest will say… deviating from a failed script would seem like a save.


The sad thing is it a person wouldn’t have to be intelligent to counter her argument. Heck, I think I could do it myself. All it takes is a little education–which as a lawyer she should have–to know that when the government, any government, endorses a specific religion it puts some people above others. That undermines the democracy she claims to care so much about.

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Yes, she wasn’t thinking on her feet in interviewing Greaves, but the real prize is when she switches to State Senator Brogdon. She forwards some of Greaves’ argument to Brogdon, who was clearly expecting a total softball experience, and was very unprepared to actually have to defend his anti-separation position.
Oklahoma often seems to exemplify some of the worst state government in the US.


Huh, five somewhat interesting minutes on FOX, then straight back to “BENGHAZIBENGHAZIBENGHAZI!!” Will they ever stop beating that tired old drum?


Every day I come across more examples why my decision to cut cable was the correct one. Cable “news” is the worst and that is illustrated by this “debate”. And it makes me scared and sad that Brogdon dude is a state senator and has any power at all.


The problem is doing it on TV via satellite - which shakes up a lot of people.

My favorite part came at the end when she stated the decision to remove was 7-2.


No, she’s been practicing on Ted Cruz.


…typical right-wing media. She wouldn’t deign to educate herself, before or after, on the person she was talking to. She’d rather simply make judgements without facts.


I don’t agree with her views, and she was really pushing the point “so that’s why you want your little demon goat with horns right?”.

But the guy talking after the satanist was worse! He spoke for a minute before trying to make an argument.

Because Fox News is We Tell You What To Think!

I thought that was spillover from Texas?

Fox News! We Report, We Decide!


The Church of Satan was basically founded to rebel against/annoy the dominant Christian faith, so they probably just picked Baphomet because conservative Christians find that deity’s appearance and symbology especially disturbing.

Also, Baphomet is way cooler-looking than just some guy with horns and a pitchfork.


Even worse, the actual devil of the Bible is a good looking, charming guy. There are enough religious organisations established around those.


God I love the satanists. They’re willing to claim the religious rights that I’m too honest to take for myself, and they troll with such flair!


I was gonna say, the Christian guy that follows actually is an idiot but he’s a fuckin senator. At least she seems to actually hear Greaves, however belated any indication of that is.

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Also seems like the Satanist was aware that the word is tenet…sounds like she mentions seven tenants.


I’ve never seen her in action before, but based on this I have to say she’s very bad at her job. Lawyer or no, clearly she’s not used to being disagreed with.