Borat talks to US voters about "Premiere Trump"

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Borat just ain’t that funny anymore…


Something, something, Poe’s law, something.


That last older guy made me sad. He seemed to have it together, but the fact he voted for the 'R’s is disconcerting. Another old guy who does’nt know what’s in his best interest.


I often say that there’s no point in having any kind of political discussion anymore in America because the left and right can’t even agree on what constitutes reality.


Let’s all sing along: “I started a joke…”

I was a big fan of comedians and late night hosts, mixing political reporting with jokes to appeal to a large audience.
Now the big orange baboon and his hateful disciples proofed they’re are likely to stay in business and this
video just made me cringe.
Ha ha those people mean the evil things they say and keep a man in power that does the evil things he says,
funny right? Right?

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Could not bring myself to watch the entire thing. Morons gassing on about how wonderful Trump is, contradicting themselves without pause to reconsider, “We don’t want to become a nation of immigrants, Right?” “No, we don’t.”

As a card-carrying member of the reality-based community, it is more disheartening than I can bear, after two years of Don Jon lies.

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