Border Patrol informs Marjorie Taylor Greene a ball they found is not a Cartel planted explosive

That’s it. When you’re a representative of a political party with no plans or proposals to help your citizens the logical (in their minds) thing to do is start a war. It helps them even more when there is not a clearly defined enemy.

The Cartel; Which Cartel MTG? Where are they based MTG? How many soldiers do they have MTG? Where are they getting their supplies from MTG? If they get supplies from the US do we destroy those manufacturing plants MTG? Can you answer any of these questions MTG?
No, then STFU about going to war.


Wow, that’s much smaller than I thought based on the original tweet!


Reminds me of that time I tried to make bolas.


Looked like a small, homemade teatherball to me :slight_smile:

But weight for throwing could be right?

Every once in a while my nesting partner will paraphrase that, especially when I’m being bratty to my other partner. “Do not taunt Happy Fun $otherPartnersName!”


Indeed, that is much smaller than the image suggests.

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