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Scary to look at too.


Trump without a tan or toupee:



Boorish Johnson


Stop trying to humanize the cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon.


Can we have an explanation for those of us who have name and/or face recognition issues?


It is the faces of the Short Fingered Vulgarian (aka Donald Trump) and Boris Johnson with their toupees swapped


OH GOD. He’s the UK version of Trump. D: (at least visually)


Hence the joke.


More than just visually. Hence the joke.


I never saw a picture of Johnson before today and I was like ZOMG THEY ARE CLONEZ!!1!


They’ve both had the “they’re cunning political operators who just act like imbeciles to throw people off the scent” theory applied to them, but in BoJo the Comedy Sociopath’s case, it might actually be true…


WWIII: the US/UK Axis vs Everyone Else.


Someone with video editing skills might try mixing the Leeroy Jenkins video with Boris Johnson rushing headlong into Brexit.


Funny how he doesn’t look that different.


Now someone get me some eggs and tomatoes.


Maybe it’s just me, but seeing him as he would be without all the opportunities and privilege puts a new spin on it. He’d still be spouting nonsense, but he’d just be considered out of touch as people ignored his inconsistent ramblings about Mexicans and Muslims destroying the country. It’s just a reminder that he is just a pathetic human like the rest of us, and all the more pathetic because he can’t accept it.


With food prices about to go up? I’d settle for David Cameron and a 12-bore.


Johnson has this in common with psychopaths; he thinks he’s cleverer than everybody else.

Cameron whatever his faults has a first class brain, and experience running something bigger than a bus and bike buying company. But I think there is one thing both Cameron and Johnson agree on: UKIP has to be utterly destroyed or, as Johnson would put it, delenda est ukipo. And that means laying bare the results of the vote to leave and making it abundantly clear that Farage is the cause of the disaster. This means that much as Cameron hates Johnson, they need to work together to destroy Farage.
Which is interesting because, equivalently, Trump and Clinton both have something to gain by destroying the Tea Party. Do they have a strategy to accomplish it?