Bosnian Croat war criminal Slobodan Praljak swigs poison, kills self in court


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He will be missed /s


Looks like the actions of an innocent man, and not a hardened war criminal being made to face the consequences of his actions. Totally.


In other news: Charles Manson just got a new roommate.



Suicide or “suicide”? If I wanted to escape justice I could do worse than paying off some paramedics and hospital staff.




If only he had thought to do this in 1991.


What a coward.


The spirit of Bud Dwyer is alive and well… er… well you know what I mean.


T.S. Eliot — ‘This is the way the world a coward ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.’


Yeah, that little bottle was small, but it seems the security is a little lax in such a formal event.
What else could have been sneaked in and used for more nefariousness?


R. Budd Dwyer knew how to make an exit, a bullet to the head really makes a statement.


If only more mass murderers could be persuaded to do the same.


We need to start glorifying this tactic in movies and pop culture and hope it catches on:

“First I’m going to shoot myself in the head and then I’m going to shoot all of you!”


Oh dither, oh bother, did he drink poison? Quick! A decision, the court, the judge, we prithee - translate into English, French, and Swahili - oh recite the Bible, do take your time! For he dies, he dies, and lest he go quickly - wait, stop! Dither, oh bother, fiddle-de-dee, I have a quick itch, could it be a flea? Worrisome, worrisome, the court pays attention, but writes down its notes and waits for reflection; emergency! quick, let us recite some verse, for he dies, he dies, the outcome is worse, than ever we could have imagined his fate, what time is dinner - a quarter to eight? He’s still there! He gurgles away! Oh mayhem, oh chaos, oh eternal dismay!

Gosh be darned, our bother, our dither, have hastened his demise; there you may see an unwitting surprise; for the record must show we fretted and worried, we jumped to attention and danced and we flurried; but if indeed it did take us some time, to reach rescue service and check on the swine; the record will show we all did our best, and he did not pass during our rest, nay nay! nay nay! Tried our utmost we did, but the silly fool did himself in, with one simple swig.

Next defendant, please.


I like that his melodramatic exit from this world was spoiled a bit by the fact no one cared enough to ask “Hey, what was that you just swallowed?”


This. A coward AND a drama queen.


Party pooper. This is why we can’t have nice things. /s


Unfortunately Jim Jones did both. Took poison and killed a whole bunch of people at the same time.