Bosses seed Silicon Valley Christmas parties with models who impersonate fellow employees, after briefing them with back-stories

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Yeah, uhm, I totally work in, like, Marketing?


i’d like to see the budgeting line items for this, as well as the justification comments.



Yep, it’s a funny world. I’ve often thought of weakening horny male negotiating people with exactly this kind of person. Kind of hard to create the business case without jeopardising something!


This seems like an ethics and HR minefield.


I think in years past people thought this was my job. I was an automation engineer though… but I’ve been thrown in the back of an elevator and forcibly kissed by a finance exec and thrown into a pool at a work party in a private home by my own director. Needless to say I got uglier fatter and I decline company parties. Honestly, I wish they HAD just payed some one to endure that. Maybe that way they’ll forget the rest of us are women and just go back to ignoring our work and complaining about jobs becoming low paying because women are working. No… no nevermind, this will probably just make it worse. Tell you what some one pay me 10 million dollars and I swear I’ll never work again!


This doesn’t make sense, you know how ugly everyone is that works with you.
What they should do is have interviews on Wednesday, and then have models walking around on Wednesday doing businessy stuff.


Seems kinda creepy with the NDAs and false pretenses. I recently attended a fundraiser where the organizers brought in cheerleaders from a local sports team to mingle with crowd. One of the event’s headliners was a popular player on that team. It was fun and everybody had a good time.


Ethics maybe, but I’m sure HR prefers that if employees are gonna harass anyone, it’s someone who’s getting paid to be annoyed by socially awkward nerds self-trained on (gag) Pick-Up Artist techniques instead of the female employees that have grounds to sue for that unpleasant experience.


Just like the expenses for the cocaine in the back room: “Party Supplies”.


Except that employees are not the only ones protected by anti-discrimination law.


The models earn $50-$200 an hour

The agency earns $50-$200 an hour. I suspect many of the models are paid minimum wage and a promise of free food and drinks.


Bingo. The NDA’s aren’t just for ‘I don’t actually work here’.



Yes, but the sexual harassment statutes you’re presumably referring to are almost impossible to sue over based on a couple hours’ interaction where the guys aren’t their direct superiors and the women are being paid to “socialize” with the guys.

It’s not really applicable at all; you can argue that a contractor could sue in this circumstance, yes, but imagine this: the company hires a female electrician for a couple-hour fixture replacement. In that time a couple programmers make a pass at her. She rebuffs them, finishes the job, and leaves.

In this circumstance, can she sue for sexual harassment? No, not successfully, as it does not pass any of the existing tests that I’ve ever heard of. A superior wasn’t involved. They don’t have any power to affect her career if she tells them to go away. She doesn’t really have any ongoing relationship with the company where it creates a hostile environment. She doesn’t have to come back if she didn’t like it. Etc.


Even non-employees have protections as far as sexual harassment goes, so it doesn’t matter if they’re getting paid or not. For example if one of these models gets assaulted do you think HR will say “Well we paid you, so it’s ok”? Sorry but no, harassment is harassment and hiring models to be present during company parties seems like it would encourage bad behavior.


Who said anything about sexual assault? Good lord, are we going to talk about if one of them got hypothetically raped and murdered next?

We were talking about sexual harassment, which is very hard to fall afoul of the statutes in a couple hours.

Seriously, has anyone actually looked up “legal test for sexual harassment” on Google? It only takes like five minutes, and it’ll really help you know what IS and ISN’T sexual harassment, legally…


Doesn’t such frivolity indicate these CEO’s aren’t fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility? I can’t imagine whatever ego boost this may provide employees translates to greater profitability.


This whole thing sounds like fake news. Like, even if it’s real, extrapolating it to “Silicon Valley” from maybe a small handful of companies doing this sort of thing is … weird.

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Eh, I suspect not. It’s California, there are lots of models making decent pay. Certainly more than minimum wage.


That would probably be a dream job for some, but I’d prefer to be homeless. One company Christmas party a year is quite enough…