Boxer-turned-politician Manny Pacquiao says gays “worse than animals,” apologizes lamely


People and their nonsensical categories…

  1. humans are animals
  2. what is so bad about other animals anyway, as “worse than” implies?
  3. what about same-sex activity of other animals?

All such people “educate” me about is that they have funny ideas.

But, FFS, I would have far more respect for such weasels if they didn’t apologize (lamely) for having opinions. I am non-binary and queer in ways that most people don’t even comprehend, but I would still have more respect if they simply admitted “No, I meant it. I hate gays! Understand?”. Cultural progress is about communication, and bigots being closeted in their bigotry is just as bad as LGBT people being closeted in their LGBTness. It indicates a lack of communication, and acceptance of scenarios where people are not sure of each other’s positions.


Interestingly enough, I’ve heard that this could be fixed without any real trouble: just remove the gloves.

Oddly enough, our skulls are pretty thick, and if you’re actually boxing and hit people like they do now with gloves, it’s a real quick way to break your hand; before we started insisting on gloves so that the ring wasn’t covered in blood after every match very few people actually died from boxing.

Course, I’m also for the ring being covered in blood after every match, don’t be pretending it’s not a bloodsport.


Orson Scott Card gave himself away in his writing a long time ago. But I guess it’s good of him to make his sexual orientation utterly explicit? :smiling_imp:


Now that says a lot about the closet Orson, well, hangs his dirty laundry in, let’s say. Fucking hell, would that people were just allowed (and would allow themselves) to be who and what they are…


Most humans are worse than most animals.



'Ere, that leads on to a good question - what does the bible say about bloodsports?


I dunno, animals are pretty fuckin’ awesome. Pretty difficult for anyone to be better than an animal.


They are really just an election party supporting the completely corrupt Jejomar Binay for the 2016 election, who by the way is also an adulterer, tax dodger, and general scum - Pacquiao supports him… but you know considers homosexuals worse than animals.

As for as where “UNA” falls on the political spectrum, really they are the party of conservative establishment corruption and have no real political drive beyond expediency in graft.

Oh yeah… and Pacquiao can go fuck himself.


Is it?

The one is a choice, or learned behaviour, and a shameful one. And demonstrably hurts “cultural progress”.

The other is a natural characteristic, which hurts no one by its natural expression.


An inversion of the golden rule? “Give brain damage unto others as they would give brain damage unto you”?


This won’t be popular here, but I agree with him: animals are better than gays.

I also happen to think that they’re better than straights, too (like this guy). I mean seriously, look at the human species.

But I’m very fond of animals. Trees too.


This guy gets paid for hitting people very hard, so we should definitely listen to what he has to say.


having sex, cleaning, and feeding people might be more pro-social than beating people up.

Someone who says violence that people make huge profits from is barbaric might not be shaming those other people by shaming your hero. And it’s the barbaric slur, not the barbaric career that is the issue.

I find your comparison of janitors and sex workers to boxers to be a more demeaning comment. Surely a broader brush than you are complaining of others using.

Just my two cents.


I understand this. When i went to the deep south I was worried about how the racism I hard heard about played out. I was actually happy to find that a) nobody assumed I was one, because b) they’re not secretive about it. It may not be friendly, but it seemed better than the passive to covert racism I grew up around un the northeast, insofar as it was more clearly labeled, and thus somewhat more avoidable and less crazy-making. (said the white guy, from his position of privilege)


Once again … “I do not like what you are doing with your genitals and it’s very important to me that you only do things with your genitals that I like.”


I laughed!

But then I thought about Muhammad Ali… I could listen to what he used to have to say all day.


Update - dumped by Nike today.

Nike released a statement on Wednesday that read: “We find Manny Pacquiao’s comments abhorrent. Nike strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community. We no longer have a relationship with Manny Pacquiao.”


Why? Their job isn’t literally hurting people permanently.

Who’s jobs are a fundamental part of a functioning civilization we absolutely can’t do without. Unlike boxers.

Who’s jobs feed people directly, and who don’t get paid for being the best at causing cerebral edema.

Way to deflect. And lean on stereotypes. While on the other hand, Pacquiao is in reality homophobic, and pound-for-pound the world’s best early-onset-Alzheimers-causer. I’m concerned with his behavior. Not his demographic. Would you excuse a muslim man from saudi arabia for throwing acid in his sister’s face? He did after all grow up being taught that if his sister engaged in pre-marital relations, it’s better to disfigure or kill her than to let his family be dishonored.


Given that, as @John_Boychuk points out, the Phillipines isn’t exactly LGBT-friendly and there was fuck-all political cost to Pacquiao for maintaining the line, I’d surmise that he was affected by the internet response enough for his apology to be genuine, even if somewhat stunted, and represents some progress in this guy’s mind.