Boy's head extremely comfortable


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My guess: there are no other cats in the household, so no other cats to lick the top of its head on a regular basis. The cat is trying to use the boy’s hair as a face cloth.


The one boy who didn’t bring in his homework because the cat ate him.


It’s called love. You cynics wouldn’t understand.


Cats use their paws for that (my parents household only had one cat at a time). If you look closely, the cat in the video mainly rubs it cheeks on the boy (or on the boy’s headphones). There are scent glands in the corners of a cat’s mouth, and the cat is affectionately marking its property.


“Cats are so antisocial.”


He is obviously an only child who has taught his cat to play games.
In this video, they appear to be playing Cat’s Meow with the boy playing the role of the cat:

Game: Cat’s Meow
What You Need: Chair, pillow, a subserviant boy, a mouthless girl
How to Play: Boy kneels on a pillow and mews plaintively until girl scratches boy’s head, signaling that humiliation is complete.
Everybody wins.


I suspect junior was rolling around in the catnip patch.


Catnip based shampoo?


I have a semi-feral cat that loves to do this to my face. He almost seems like he wants to crawl up my nose.


It’s a toss-up on which of those two animals is cuter…the expression on both faces is great>


I once had a dream that i was suffocating. When I woke up, my cat was sitting on my chest, rubbing his fat head all over my face. Either he suddenly realized that I was his best friend in the world, or I was the first step in his cunning plan to kill all the humans in their sleep in one night.


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