'Brady Bunch' star's patio chairs sold out after appearing in Harry and Meghan interview

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Our society is so damn weird with such misplaced priorities.


The Cult of Celebrity is weird.

Also, as an aside, I dislike wicker and glass furniture. Wicker because it eventually breaks, and glass because it breaks and I saw Mulholland Drive.


Oh, absolutely. The cult of celebrity worship is ludicrous. Meanwhile, our schools crumble, our health system is a shambles, and public service workers are screamed at by raging lunatics who think freedom is somehow connected to wearing a mask during a pandemic.

There’s so much we need to undo and overcome to build a truly functional, just, inclusive society. Meanwhile, folks be buying chairs because some famous wealthy folks sat in them and dished gossip.


Fixed that for ya.


I get where they’re coming from. If I’d have happened upon this interview on TV, the furniture would have been the most interesting thing about the programme to me as well.


They missed an opportunity. The chairs really pop on an astroturf lawn.


So for all those people posting in the threads about racism “I don’t care about the royal family and I wish everyone would stop paying attention to them”

This is where you should post that.

Let’s not pick on Bobby any more, eh? He went through the machine, and it chewed him up pretty harsh.

/someone who saw him get teased in college.


Wicker is near impossible to clean. Most people throw them out or give them to the neighborhood cats to destroy after the furniture turns green.


Watching their sets in a kind of trance
were people in Mexico, people in France.
They don’t chase Jones but the dreams are the same —
Mr. and Mrs. Everywhere, that’s the right name!
Herr und Frau Uberall or les Partout ,
A gadget on the set makes them look like you.

When the Everywhere couple crack a joke
It’s laughed at by all right-thinking folk.
When the Everywhere couple adopt a pose
It’s the with-it view as everyone knows.

It may be a rumor or it may be true
But a gadget on the set has it said by you!

– Stand on Zanzibar.


Who are these people who are so insecure they have to copy what celebrities do, yet they can afford patio furniture at $500 apiece that is destined to rot when left out in the weather? On second thought, I don’t want to know.

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I haven’t seen Mulholland Drive, but I have broken a glass table. I was in the Hotel attached to the Skydome in Toronto (many years ago, don’t think there is a hotel there now). Big glass table, about three foot on a side. Checking out the restaurants in the Yellow Pages, which was leather bound for some reason. Slid them across to the person I was with on the other side of the table…because leather, it stuck, shifted the whole top which gracefully tilted up and then crashed down, showering us in glass shards. It was magnificent


I think I have been there! I played a paintball tournament twice there in the early 2000s. The first time I stayed in Toronto I was on the VIP floor of the Royal York!! The nicest place I have ever stayed at. Someone in our group had an in to stay there for a reasonable rate.

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I love those “Railway Hotels”; I’ve stayed in the Royal York, Hotel Vancouver, and “The Palliser” in Calgary, and gone to events at Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton where I live. Maybe someday the Banff Springs :slight_smile: although with the state of my knee now I could only stare wistfully out the windows :laughing:
When I stayed at the Skydome hotel (it was called L’Hotel at the time, had just opened) they upgraded my room to a suite for some reason I don’t recall. I of course used to opportunity to run laps around the rooms, which were connected in a way that facilitated that. Other than that it was more or less forgettable, although I do remember paying nine dollars for a piece of toast (not room service, in the cafeteria).

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I have a nice patio, but I’m pretty much off patio furniture, because either the rain or the sun or both will pretty soon damage it

WTAF? I’m dressed like that right now.

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