It's a weird time for Architectural Digest to post a video about celebrities' well-stocked kitchens

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Understandable misreading of the video title. It’s the kitchens who are the true celebrities in the eyes of Architectural Digest, not the human inhabitants.


Liv Tyler’s kitchen is the only one that doesn’t make me feel anxious.


You haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

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Well I definitely recognize some of those people and/or names. But overall I think the ratio of people I recognize was lower than the ratio of stoves with pot fillers.

No idea who Scott Disick is, but I’m a big fan of his OCD pantry organization. “Daddy, can we buy this cereal?” “No, sweetie, we don’t have anywhere to display a box that colour.”


If you woke me up and told me to get 24 lemons at 7:15 in the morning, I’d tell you to eff off. Probably why I’m not a celebrity.


It seems like odd timing for Architectural Digest to dig into its archival videos and make a supercut of celebrities’ overlardered kitchens.

I guess it’s because people are seeing a lot more celebrity kitchens in the background now when they’re on Zoom or Skype instead of the studio. The people watching get curious for the first time about all the high-priced design work that goes into spaces where famous and wealthy people live, and AD is taking the opportunity to draw people in using its archive.

Also, I’m showing my cluelessness here, but I don’t know any of these people, with the exception of Cara Delevingne

I knew who five of these people were: Cara Delavigne, Chelsea Handler, the guy from “Modern Family”, the Queer Eye guy, Liv Tyler. Not bad I guess.

He learned to cook from this guy:


I love to cook and finally have a large, open kitchen where I cook and eat and entertain guests. What I cannot stand is that nearly all of these people said they don’t cook or even know how to use the fabulous (and fabulously expensive) kitchens! Fekkin’ hell is that?

Aaaand here’s me schlepping big pots of water for pasta across the kitchen to the stovetop.
Last comment: I love Aaron Paul, but man, that wood-front refrigerator is butt ugly (IMHO).


Isn’t that the guy from America’s Test Kitchen? What’s up with him?


Like an animal!

Ah, didn’t know that was Aaron Paul. Another one I know. And agreed about the fridge.


The late great Phil Hartman as…


I am definitely filled with envy looking at some of those luxuriously large kitchens (with islands! with nothing on them! for food prep space!!!) and it kills me when people have these beautiful spaces and are almost proud of not using them. Aghh!


Yes, it really rubs it in the faces of all the disenfranchised folks reading Architectural Digest.

Aaron Paul’s kitchen was amazing, he’s probably the only one of all those “celebs” (i also only recognized 3-4 of them) that i’d want to hang out with.

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That’s JJ Redick, and it was presumably a joke. He is the only person I recognized in the video. One of the best shooters of all time and currently on my preferred basketball team

Hm. This seems apt…


Boy, there’s nothing like huge fancy celebrity kitchens, outfitted to cook on practically an industrial level, perfect for huge dinner parties - where the owners obviously never cook at all. As someone who likes to cook, it’s like watching someone buy gallons and gallons of really good ice-cream, explain they’re lactose intolerant and then dump it all in the trash. Over and over again. What a waste.

So frustrating.


Darlin’, I’ve been a visitor in a few crazy-big ol’ kitchens, and that what staff is for. Staff in the kitchen, owners in and out of there, drinking and whatnot with the party guests.

I’ve been to parties where the owners pay for the spread, yes, and I’ve seen them lend a hand, but really, it’s caterers, chefs, servers, cleaners and scrubber-uppers and such who use the whole kitchen.

I did go to a party where I saw the ranch-and-house owner at the barbecue grill and smoker, poking at the brisket, standing right at the hottest part of the covered outdoor kitchen. In Texas, of course, where barbecue is a whole nuther thing from being in a kitchen.


I get the impression these people don’t even do that, though. No one is cooking in these kitchens.