Brag about your kids/grandkids/neice-nephew/neighbor kid who is always over at your house

Gonna dad brag. Kiddo was in a production of the musical Godspell. It was a two week summer day camp, and other than the lead, everyone was middle school age or younger. Super impressed with how good they did. You would never know it was only done in two weeks. Other than the whitest rapping/beat boxing ever, it was pretty amazing and genuinely funny. They updated it some to make it even more current than when it was made in the 70s (dunno if that was the local production team or if they took it from someone else.)

Here she is portraying a parable, pleading for more time to pay her debts, to a person who just had their debt forgiven.

So, feel free to post the cool stuff the kids in your life are doing.


The other week my son came home from pre-school and announced that he was a “Banana Detective”.
I asked him if he was a detective who finds bananas or a banana who is also a detective.
With perfect comic timing, he replied “I find bananas… also I am a banana”

He’s just got into Star Wars via the Clone Wars cartoon, I’m not sure if I should sit down with him and explain that Darth Vader is really Anakin, or just wait until he hears about it at school and comes home with questions.


How old is he? Even though my kid isn’t super keen on Star Wars, I had her watch the original trilogy, so she should know Anakin becomes Vader, and knows Luke is his son.

When it comes to Star Wars, you don’t want them learning it out on the streets. It’s really important, not something like drugs or sex.


He’s only 3, so a bit young to sit through a whole live-action movie. I’m trying to gradually prepare him by explaining that Darth Vader was a good guy but he started working for the Emperor and had to be a bad guy, but that he got tired of being bad and threw the Emperor down a well.

On the topic of neighbour kids, when The Force Awakens came out, the little girl next door spotted my Star Wars t-shirt and asked if I was a fan. I said that I’d always been a fan because I was born just after the first movie came out.
She looked at me and said “Oh, Phantom Menace?” and I burst out laughing like “good one, kid!” until I realised that she was serious, and then thought about how we are now further from Episode 1 than Episode 1 was from Jedi, and then I just felt old.


I was raised atheist and have never been any flavor of Christian, but Godspell is a really good musical. And as someone who used to teach drama, people really underestimate the sheer talent kids possess.


My younger son, nailing his HS graduation speech, “Too Ignorant to be Terrified”.


Sweet Jesus… it’s begun…

Age 3.5: Daddy, I want to learn to read.

No problem!

Age 11: Daddy, I want to play Magic!

Who told you about this? What do you know? How many do you have?

Fine, I guess if you are going to do this it should be under adult supervision.

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Just look at him!


Actually, maybe he will grow up to combat the fungus we have plaguing current banana crops. The same thing wiped out the old species we used to eat. You know in the movies and old cartoon they always have people slipping on banana peels? Well those bananas were actually very slick when left on the ground.

Apparently there are some still growing in Hawaii, better add it to his banana bucket list!

Yeah I read it wasn’t totally extinct, just not commercially viable.

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