Brain Rot: Catholic Guilt



So my mother’s in the next room running the sewing machine, which means she can’t hear what we’re listening to. But then she stops for a moment just as my voice comes out of the tape recorder saying, “Goodbye, assholes!” My friend Jim hits the “Stop” button and we both look at each other wide-eyed. My mother clears her throat. The sewing machine comes back on. We breathe a sigh of relief. Jim presses “Play” and we listen to his voice saying, “I expected more tits in The Blue Lagoon.”

Good times.

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Apropos The Blue Lagoon: Whenever I used to stay at my grandma´s as a child, basically all I did was watch cable TV, which we didn´t have at home. Every morning I used to plan my watching schedule for the day. Once, I saw The Blue Lagoon announced it in the TV programme as an adventure movie and asked my grandma about it. She got all stammery, told me “That´s not something suited for you. There are certain people who watch things like that, but we don´t.”

Naturally I caught the rerun late at night when she was asleep and can confirm your assessment: Not nearly enough tits. The Lemon Popsicle movies on the other hand …

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