Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, The Earliest Rap TV Shows


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Where are my damn footnotes?

Wonder how far this predates Yo MTV Raps?

But punk was invented in the UK right? ducks


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in my mind it seems like it should be ages, but logically it couldn’t have been too long. it seems like decades between when me and the other nine-year-olds were breakin to electro and when NWA came out, but it was really only a couple years. hell, I probably physically grew more inches than years passed.

memory is so strange.

heh :^)

I knew about Iggy, the Ramones and CBGBs since I started getting interested in punk, but I later read that the future band-members of both the Clash and the Sex Pistols were in attendance of the Ramones show they played on the US bicentennial in London. As in, the Clash and the Sex Pistols had not yet been formed. That’s a very specific, damning counter-argument to anyone still claiming a UK origin of punk.

I was only teasing, as far as I’ve ever heard it was one of those things where a bunch of people all over the world all independently woke up one day with the same sound in their head and went out and started new bands.

no, no, I understood. The “heh :^)” was supposed to be an acknowledgement of such, but one of those internet semantic fails on my part.

The Clash actually opened for the Sex Pistols the night before the Ramones gig, but there was some agreement that punk really speeded up after they’d heard the Ramones.

Everybody interested in this should read Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil. My Hip Hop Family Tree comic is a pale attempt at trying to make something as cool as Legs’ book about the origins of Punk straight from the mouths of the players involved.


@halloween_jack_ huh, I was going by what I’d read in [quote=“Ed_Piskor, post:10, topic:20125”]
Please Kill Me

but either I mis-read it or it was worded confusingly. I’m going to have to look it up

Okay, page 230 of my edition:

Mickey Leigh: …the Ramones… were walking down this alley to get to the backstage door of the Roundhouse [in London for the gig in question], and standing in the alley like a posse was the Clash. [next page] … they said, “We’re the Clash, man. We’re gonna be bigger than anybody.”

well, fuck me, I could swear I read they weren’t a band yet.

But wait! Further down that page:

Danny Fields: ….But Paul and Mick weren’t in the Clash yet, but they were starting it. They were afraid to play until they saw the Ramones. I mean, Paul and Mick told the Ramones, “now that we’ve seen you, we’re gonna be a band.”

so, okay? The dudes in the alley were the earliest incarnation and Fields is remembering it wrong? I dunno.

turn the page

Dee Dee Ramone: Sid Vicious followed me all over the place. This was before he was in the Sex Pistols.

I think I remember that Sid was the second bassist, but taken with the other quote, my mind remembered the scene as no Clash, no Pistols yet. But I know you know your stuff, halloween_jack, so I’m glad you set me straight.

Look, I’m just going by stuff I read on the internet, it’s not like I was actually there. But, yeah, the Pistols were a band well before Sid joined; in fact, Glen Matlock (their original bassist, and later when the band reunited for a nostalgia tour) was a member before John Lydon. Also according to Wikipedia, Strummer, Jones and Simonon were working together well before the July 4 gig, although that was their official debut. I’m not shocked that a guy may have gotten his dates mixed up and/or possibly misattributed a quote in an oral history.

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