Brand new van wrapped to look like an old rustbucket


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That is wonderfully done. Need moar.



Every car collector knows…it’s that patina that matters.




It’s like the Chameleon SLE, from Saturday Night Live!!


I cannot stress this enough…THAT. MADE. MY. FUCKING. DAY.


we printed in full colour digital vinyl and finished in a Matt Laminate to further dull the colours used. I

Hey I know Matt Laminate! We went to art school together!


I’ll keep them in mind when I create my ultimate vehicle for the post apocalypse…Take a cash delivery armored truck (because armor, duh) outfit the interior like an RV, put a hi-rail adapters on it (because train tracks are likely to be less congested than roads) and then paint (or decal) it like a rusty old diaper delivery truck. (dirty diapers aren’t generally on people’s list of things that they want to steal).


The police pulled him over? Rust is illegal?


Yes, if it’s enough to fail an MOT or make the vehicle unroadworthy.


This wrap would make sense to me if you had a Rustproofing or autobody business, but otherwise, surely there’s a more interesting alternative?


The belt of pristine white stands out. Must have been used to hide drugs and repainted.


Seriously, I don’t see why nobody has dressed a city bicycle like this. Instant street cred and less likely to get stolen.


“less congested” - how congested does a train track have to be before all traffic stops? 1? do rail adapters let you drive off the tracks to get around an obstruction?

after the apocalypse, will there be enough diaper delivery business so that people would assume there really are dirty diapers in your truck?


I’ve known people who give their bikes a wash of rust colored paint to make them less attractive…


Yes most versions do allow you to get on and off the rails and drive on roads. Well if it’s moving the diaper delivery dodge won’t work. But if it’s parked and rust covered people may assume that it has been there since the collapse. Of course anything more than a brief glance would reveal the hi-rail adapters and the pistol ports…


I favor the simplicity of the russian-style apocalypse vehicle.


I remember that guy. A bit dull.


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