Brazilian musician Curumin, Solesides, and DJ Shadow

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as soon as I saw his name in your post further up, I was going to post about this book. I’ve read all the hip hop books. I’m being hyperbolic, but I’ve read a lot. CS,WS is the best by far.

as far as Quannum, they’re dope. personally rec Shadow’s Endtroducing, Preemptive Strike, and his live show is great. Blackalicious’ Blazing Arrow is a perfect album. the Latyrix album is well-loved but iunno it didn’t work on me but I seem to be the minority. Lyrics Born solo is a dope rapper but not familiar with his ouvre specifically.

I’m old and out of touch so I’m not up on the kid, but I’ll damn sure be sessioning the link.


Some of the tracks that stood out to me as a youngster:


Warm memories of watching the sun come up with DJ Shadow on background ambient.


I’ve no idea how 15 y/o me in a small town in the UK came to hear about Blacalicious (probably via DJ Shadow I guess, although I’m sure I didn’t hear Endtroducing until later), but it was pretty much the first time I branched out of indie music into any other genre and it blew my mind.
What I liked about all the Solesides/Quannum stuff was that it was an antidote to mainstream rap, which seemed to all just be about ‘guns, b*tches and bling’ at that point in time.
This is still one of my favourite songs:

Got to say hello to Gift of Gab once or twice after shows in the UK, and it was clear what a lovely human being he was, always so generous with his time. I’m still sad he’s gone :frowning:


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