'Breaking Bad' bad boys pushing blue product for Super Bowl ad

I’m not sure how much that really comes into play since the script doesn’t even really have any of the characters in situations they would have been in – it is already a transparent shill for some popcorn chips, no chance the actual BB characters would have done much with them in character. I mean I can see Jessie devouring a bag of them part way through a cook, and WW deciding that contaminates the area and going apeshit, but that isn’t at all what was in the commercial.

A commercial is always “this is the product, it is the star, everything about it is great, everyone wants it”. There isn’t any room for that in BB’s narrative which is “the main characters are all flawed, all make bad choices, frequently for some understandable reasons, and in the long run almost none of them are sympathetic” (I have sympathy for Skyler, and Walt Jr, and while I never really liked Hank, also for Hank the blowhard asshole and toxic masculinity spokesman). A snack product doesn’t get inserted into that narrative and come out as the hero item, doing that will automatically make all the dialog around it really off no matter how “on their game” the actors are. It would probable have been worse during BB’s run.


Yah, fair points! It’s hard to make a character do something that is literally out of character for both of them- shilling potato chips or whatever this is.

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Whatever it is, I want some! If it comes out of that RV and it’s blue, I’ll take seven, yo.


In this case it was the series show runner that wrote and directed the commercial, all the locations were the original ones used in the show, and all the props including outfits were from the vault so it’s about as authentic as you can get. Just about every piece of dialog was a direct callback to scenes in the show as well.

I loved it.


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