Breaking Bad fans in Albuquerque: here's the one viewing party not to miss


The linked page says:

The curtain will soon be drawn for Breaking Bad, the show that put
Albuquerque on the map.

Ahem, point of order: Breaking Bad is a great show, but the show that put Albuquerque on the map is Bugs Bunny.


Maybe they took a wrong left turn and got confused.

I have no TV, and this is killing me. I was able to watch all five seasons streaming on less-than-reputable websites. But it seems like AMC has found and squelched every copy of these new episodes. Season 5-bis or whatever they’re calling it, will probably be out on DVD some day, and by then I will have forgotten what was so compelling about BrBa.



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hmmm, let’s see:

Hahaha never tried it, I was afraid Joe Lieberman would get me.

search twitter for “breaking bad s05e09” or whatever. you’ll find many people, um, discussing the episode.

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