Breaking Bad viewing parties for the final episodes, in Albuquerque: "Watching Bad, Breaking Burque"


Is it really a “sad rite of passage for Albuquerque”? Granted I live in Nashville and wish the show set here was more like “Breaking Bad”, but I’ve often wondered how Albuquerque residents perceive it. Although I also realize they’re not a monolith; I’m sure the whole spectrum is represented, ranging from people who consider the show a point of pride to people who’ve never heard of it. Because they live under a rock in that big gorgeous desert.

And even if some residents of Albuquerque aren’t too fond of their home town being portrayed as meth central they can at least look at earlier seasons and take some pride in how nice and well equipped the high school where Walter taught is. Maybe that detail isn’t realistic, but if it is then it’s why “Breaking Bad” couldn’t be set in another more meth-ridden state. If it is realistic then New Mexico’s got a pretty nice educational system.

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