Breaking: Pharma bro Martin Shkreli guilty of fraud



It’s sad that the justice being served here has nothing to do with how much he raised the price of life saving drugs. That should absolutely be regulated. The CBC recently did a piece on the price of the worlds most expensive drug:

Spoiler alert: they charge in the neighbourhood of 500k - 1m/year for it, or ~$6000 a bottle. The cost of making each bottle is estimated at about $60. Of course they need to pay for R&D, but that markup is insane. I suspect they are charging what they believe to be the price of a human life, and not the price of developing and manufacturing the drug plus a reasonable profit. This company works with parents to lobby the government, hires a PR firm to help them to make the government look like the bad guy for not paying for the drug, and allowing their child to die. Nothing to see here but pure evil folks.

@CaseyMalone: Every sketch of Martin Shkreli looks like it’s from The Trial of Rumpelstiltskin



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