Martin Shkreli's request for a minimum-security federal camp is denied -- he's going to prison


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Queue Grumpy cat.




It’s heartening to see that being an outrageously repulsive asshole can have meaningful repercussions even for the rich.


That seems a little unexpected. I might expect to learn that Matsumoto is one of those elected judges that needs something good for a campaign advertisement.

But it seems more likely that whoever Shkreli managed to annoy just so happens to have hands on a lot of levers.


The thing is he (as repulsive and greedy as he was) is nothing to the business model of Valeant Pharmaceutical whose business model was buying up other pharma companies, ditching all r&d & jacking up the prices on proprietary drugs.




I guess a 5000% markup for drugs makes a lot more sense if someone had to smuggle them in their rectum.


Hey Shkreli where’s that smug ass smirk that says you’re too cool to give a shit about the common man. Do you think you’ll still be able manage that after your federal time with the common man is over? I bet you won’t feel quite so smug then. Asshole.


Absolutely. His mistake was being shameless about it and showing everyone else up? What he was doing to drug pricing isnt a crime, and I happen to think it should be. Sending him to jail for hedge fund shenanigans isnt the same thing to me. I would much prefer the law clarified so that we can work out what other drug companies can and cant do.




He’s a total piece of crap, but minimum security prisons are for non-violent offenders and is exactly the sort of place where he should go. Sending him to a medium security prison is a unjustified punitive action.


I honestly had to go back and check what he was convicted of, because I thought there was some harassment or something - turns out that was what got him kicked off twitter, not what earned him a jail term.


But but… the free market!

Seriously though, this judge decision makes little sense to me.
And this may or may not mean that someone is using this to take advantage of us gloating plebe somehow.


The guy punchability factor is off scale, but i agree.


American Justice: He went to prison for ripping off rich people, not poor people


Pretty much. He’s going to jail not for potentially (and most likely realistically) killing poor people who couldn’t afford life saving drugs, but for ripping rich people off. Even if he goes to medium security jail justice for the people whose lives he impacted has not been served.

Edit: And in a related note, he isn’t the only one to jack up prices on old drugs. The fight around these shenanigans is not over.


That’s almost… cruel.


Federal judges aren’t elected, though, so that wouldn’t be the issue here. I think she, like everyone else, just wants to make this gentleman eat some humble pie.


You know your business career has taken a downward turn when what you’re haggling over with people is your manner of incarceration.