Brexit wins: Britain votes to exit the European Union

Does anyone else see the immediate market and currency decline as a sign of rampant speculation and panic rather than anything tangible?
Honestly, when you see what has been happening with real estate in London and throughout England and how it was being bought up by foreign entities eventually pricing Britons out of London, this seemed like the inevitable backlash. After all, it was easy access to EU trading that prompted so many foreign companies and nationals to use England as a gateway to trading with the EU.


And then Northern California can vote to leave Southern California. And Northwestern California can leave Northeastern California. And then one day you can separate from the other people who live on your block because that way no one has to listen to anything anyone else says.

I know your country is a madhouse, but we’re a global species whether we like it or not, and we’re either going ot have to live together or die together in the long run.

Let’s say we had three groups of people: 1) the pro-murderer; 2) the pro-torture; and 3) people who think murder and torture are wrong. You are saying that (2) and (3) have the same stance on murder. In some weird, narrow, logic-class way that might be true, but surely the fact that (2) only wants to keep people alive to torture them makes it fair for (3) to ask not to be associated with (2).

There have been plenty of societies ruled by the old. You know, the assumption being that elderly people will have more wisdom than younger people. In a way it’s a good system. Of course it relies on the assumption that elderly people will care about younger people instead of just saying “I got mine.” Really, it all comes back to:

Well, it’s also going to keep the Brits in, right? I don’t know, maybe?

Actually (maybe you didn’t know this) in medicine we are always inching closer to death.

I do not understand why people rush to the USD in times of uncertainty. It’s like people think the US is stable.


Up is down, black is white, wrong is right…


Hush now, the adults are talking.


Oh, come now. That’s a little bit extreme, don’t you think?

2017 is more realistic for the death date; right now its just on its deathbed.


“Equating” them would be wrong of course. There was more than one reason to vote for an exit, obviously; some better, some worse. But migration as a topic apparently tipped the scales, and thus took precedence over the legitimate concerns of the people who would have preferred to stay.


No, it happened because of the referendum result. A direct consequence. It was in no way a normal event. You cut a hole in your boat, the boat sinks. “Sinkings happen,” you say, “just part of sailing.”

The freedom to allow merchant bankers to asset strip state-owned industries? The freedom to condemn vast swaths of the population to unemployment? The worst abuses of power to be inflicted on the British populace have been by their own government with no prompting from the EU. Freedom for whom, to do what?

An entire generation of young Britons woke up this morning to learn that they will soon no longer be able to live and work wherever they like across europe. No more chance of, to take my friend as an example, moving to France to work on the future of engineering as a part of the EU-funded space program. Now instead it looks like 3 million mostly low-wage menial job positions will need to be filled back home. This, you suggest, is freedom.

Did I mention that the EU has a space program? They farm out the work to member states as a way to promote high-tech industry across the continent. EU regulations are instrumental in keeping the telecoms market competitive, which is why connectivity in Europe is so damned good compared to unregulated markets such as the US. Countries such as Croatia and the Ukraine have had to overhaul and modernise labour protections and contract law as a part of the process of qualifying for membership. The EU is actually rather good at designing policies that promote progress.

Your arguments revolve around ideals (freedom! evolution!) without touching on practical facts. I realise it’s a complicated situation but you could do a better job of studying the case at hand rather than relying solely on ideology.

I think that if that’s your outlook on the matter then you are not well informed, and should probably reconsider your choice of news sources.


Well, the only good thing about this mess, is that we no longer have to kowtow to the insanities of the City, the number one reason for the financial crisis and the reason we can’t stop tax-evasion and money-laundering… love London, but the City should be nuked from orbit.


Attempting to equate “concern about immigration” with “racism” was obviously not a successful strategy for the remain side.

For extra credit, explain two reasons why it was not.


Isn’t there a fable about a wolf praising a sheep for its independence for leaving the fold? Well there should be.


People over 40 shouldn’t be allowed to vote (and yes, I’m in that group :slight_smile: ) The consequences of our votes reverberate far out into the future and people over 40 have too little time left to really give a shit about that…
The wisdom of age my ass.


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Blair never stopped being a barrister. He saw his role as representing the US as his client in the UK. He’s still at it, helping the Saudis and other repressive governments to present themselves in a positive light.


This is related to the flow of expertise. I’m an American and I enjoy living here, but I’ve considered the possibility of moving to another country. GB was in my sights because I want to be a chemist, the language is familiar, and they’re part of the scientific apparatus of the EU. In terms of another language, I could brush off my French, but I’ve seen how little they like brown people over there and so I ruled out ever living there permanently. I thought if I liked it enough, UK residence might be worthwhile to be able to travel around Europe somewhat unhindered. Now, I see little point in seeing science in the UK as a destination. And you might say that the Brexit does what it said it would do on the tin: Keep foreigners away. I suppose I can always learn German, it has a legacy in chemistry.

I’m not attempting anything. I’m equating them. I’m American. I was absent from the sophistry part of the debate and I’m just calling the plays as I see them.


T S Eliot (East Coker)
“Do not let me hear of the wisdom of old men, but rather of their folly”
he was in his 60s at the time.

Actually many of the people working to leave the EU were most likely motivated by a desire to escape from growing European bank regulation. It’s going to be Albanian Ponzi Scheme time in London before long, and PM Johnson will be so incompetent that he will let them have their head.

Look at the Ukrainian economy since their right wing revolution, and think about why the Russian speakers might have wanted to escape from it. We could be about to do a Ukraine with Scotland as our Crimea.


Please let me in first. I like Canada and am now scared of living in the US.


good song

Given the number of fleeing Loyalists, fleeing slaves, fleeing draft-dodgers, etc. that we’ve taken in from the States in the past, why not let in one more wave of people fleeing from horror?


I just know […]

How do you you know that? A bad bureaucracy is like a bad anything in being bad, but that doesn’t mean that all things are bad because they might become bad.

Like it or not, you can’t manage seven billion people — heck, not even seven hundred — without bureaucracies of some kind. If you like your internet access devices cheap, you need bureaucrats to help make the components cheap by practicing their dark, bureaumantic arts to make trade agreements that work for all parties. If you want your water safe to drink, your food not to poison you, your roads and bridges and tunnels safe to drive on or over or through, you need a functioning bureaucracy to help keep them that way. When the bureaucracy malfunctions, the solution is not to destroy the bureacracy, but to fix it.

The world will not be better for you when the Randian supermen take over and start telling everyone their version of the right things to do if you’re not one of the Randian supermen. Like me, you’re going to be one of the peasants trying to avoid attracting their attention.


Well. I guess the International Economics class I’m taking soon will have a lot of extra material to explore. :confused: