Brexit wins: Britain votes to exit the European Union

Welcome to 21st century democracy.

Personally, I’ve kind of reversed my decision on if the “internet is a force for good or evil.” I used to think good, but now I just see it as a tool, and all tools these days will be used for evil. In the ever-hastening post-literate world culture that we’re living in everything is reduced to a reaction, and no thought requiring more than 140 characters can be expressed.

So, you may think that the old folks screwed the pooch on this one. But don’t worry – the young ones can screw up next time!

Tx; I’m good on the grandfather thing.

One said: “I personally voted leave believing these lies and I regret it more than anything, I feel genuinely robbed of my vote.”

Oh goodness. “Robbed”?

I’d love it if there was some polling on this, though. With nearly 1.3 million voting to leave it’s almost hard to believe that you couldn’t find 5 who regretted it.

Such as the UK in it’s recent Brexit vote? I get issues of scale, but I don’t like people pretending that no one died in this campaign.


The religious Right have more in common than they do with the left wing of their own religions. Forget the ideologies: it’s the right-wingness that matters. When you see someone dressed in black, wearing a funny hat, possibly a funny beard, and telling women that he knows what’s best for them, whether they’re Islamist, Hassidic, Russian Orthodox or Bible Belt makes little practical difference.
And the sound of tills ringing is the same for all of them.


I am utterly baffled that a decision of this magnitude was decided by a simple majority. When the vote is split nearly 50-50 you’d think it might be a sign that this isn’t a good way to decide.


It’s the older generations that have seen the EU change beyond recognition and are wise to its advances. One could just as easily argue that the elders have wisdom on their side and the youth have naivete.
Jo Cox’s murder was indeed a sad, tragic and senseless act by a deranged individual. We all wish her family, especially her children, all the support we can.

One could just as easily argue that the elders have dementia on their side and the youth have correctly functioning brains.


Oh wow, I thought you were joking.

That’s better than the old rumor about Bob Avakian living/hiding on Hubbard’s yacht, and at least up there with the true story of Jim Bakker and Lyndon LaRouche being cellmates.


Which changes would those be?


It’s certainly not all of them, just most:

We’ll quote you on that in a week or two.


Now, now. To paraphrase Mill, it’s not that most Brexiters are reactionary fuckwits. It’s that most reactionary fuckwits are Brexiters.


As a fifth generation Californian and having grown up in both the Silicon Valley and LA, I can’t imagine splitting the state up. The very idea of splitting it up offends me. We’d be a much stronger country together than apart - LA area has oil & movies & shipping, San Diego has military, Central Valley has food, Bay Area has industry & shipping, Napa/Sonoma has wine, Central Coast has more wine, North Coast has weed, Sierras have snow sports and national parks and camping and outdoorsy stuff.

It would be lame to have a country where everyone was the same.


But which sane party is going to use the Whips to vote to leave?

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This is more than worth the click: How the older generation screwed the youngsters - and who will have to live with the consequences.


You argue your opinion and I’ll argue mine, although I’m sure the truth is an equal mix of both.
The changes are from a free trade area to a monetary and political union.
Ashcroft polls are often notoriously inaccurate, so let’s not resort to lazy stereotypes please, it’s unhelpful and divisive.

Please do.

Unfortunately I’ve been keeping stupid hours of late, so must sign off. I’ll be back at the keyboard in about 24 hours. Let’s try and keep it civil and not resort to insults though. I know people often get angry and reactive, myself included, but the die is cast and I believe Britain has the strength, economic clout and intelligence to make a success of any situation it finds itself in.


You haven’t seen the right wing of our Conservative Party. I suggest you look up Jacob Rees-Mogg for a start. You will then see that rationality is not a part of their world view.


Europe was under-funded regions best chance of getting cash for investment.

It’s that simple.

Countless successive UK governments have failed to do that, over many - many - years.

Well done, idiots.


To paraphrase Mencken, democracy is the theory that even when people don’t know what they want, they are still going to get it good and hard.