Brianna Wu will raise funds for her congressional bid by killing Nazis in a Wolfenstein II playthrough


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Adios Nazis!



I love the key point that it’s not “left” or “right” it’s anti-nazi.

Key-f-ing-Point! You can be a conservative without siding with Nazis. Cross that line and guess what? You’re at the very least a Nazi sympathizer.


Sure, but it is getting harder and harder to pull off.


If you’re simple minded. The huge problem is that nowadays (and perhaps since the beginning of time), people want it simple and easy without effort. Black or white, red or blue, conservative or liberal. The nuances, and learning enough to understand the differences, is not worth it to a whole lot of people. The repubs have masterfully exploited this in recent years with all of the weird “if x then y” approaches to thought. “If you love Jesus, then you hate X” etc… (pretty sure that’s not how that works).


Bear Jew.


I see what jew did dere, unbearable!


There’s never been a better reason to back a candidate.


gg, wu.



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