Britains pubs may be opening until late for the royal wedding

Alternate headline:
Pubs may stay open late for the FA Cup and Scottish Cup finals.

What could possibly go wrong?


If Charles ever kicked the bucket before his mom, my schadenfreude would be overflowing as they frantically redraw all the lines of succession.

Saw this, and my immediate thought was ‘Wut? What was with all the angst over 24 hour opening after 2005?’

Turns out only about 10% of pubs, clubs etc have 24 hour licenses. Unsurprisingly the rest felt that (despite the thirsty reputation of us Brits) there was no economical argument to run 24 hours. Given that they mention ‘opening until 1am’ in the article, I would have thought many places already had this license for weekend opening.

Seems like something of a non-story…

But they’ve already got the succession written down to nearly the 6000th person.

Meh, it wouldn’t make much difference at the bottom, but at the top, William and Harry would drop down below Prince Andrew and his daughters. The tabloids would be devastated.

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It doesn’t work like that in the UK. When George II died nine years after his firstborn son, his grandson George III became king, not his second son Prince William, Duke of Cumberland.


Oh? I thought it was closest living (male*) heir for the default heir apparent unless unless the reigning monarch selects an heir presumptive.

Oh well, 'tis a silly place.

Aren’t all monarchies?

Technically it is illegal to imagine the UK without a monarchy, but just try finding a cop who will arrest you when you tell them what you are doing. They won’t even do it if you are outside Buckingham Palace!


Even if you have a sign?


Ah the good old days, when you didn’t get to the pub until 8, and it closed at 10, and you went with 4 or 5 of your best mates, and because men drank pints and everyone had to buy a round that meant you drank 5-6 imperial pints of real ale in 2 hours. I remember those days…not very well at all, actually, but I remember the next mornings, you bet!


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