British premier fires interior minister who stoked far-right violence on Remembrance Day

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Her replacement in cabinet: former PM David Cameron. He must be very excited about all the bonus post-retirement money he’ll be able to squeeze out of foreign dignitaries.


Hilariously, just a month ago, Sunak lumped Cameron in with the Prime Ministers he blamed for thirty years of failure, claiming that his ministerial team were the ‘change candidates’ the UK needed.

Now most of them have been fired, Cameron is back as Foreign Secretary and the UK is trying to disentangle itself from the complex web of relationships with China instituted under one [checks notes] David Cameron.

And to ensure we are at ‘maximum farce’ - in order to come back into government, Sunak has appointed Cameron as a member of the House of Lords; which under our shambolic constitution means he cannot be cross-examined by MPs in the House of Commons.

Mature democracy in action everyone.


So why the hell did Sunak put her back in that job?


That combined with recycling Cameron indicates that the Tories are facing a severe deficit in the UK of smug high-profile hatemongers, kleptocrats and serial bunglers from which to draw their leadership.


It’s like the Speaker nonsense in the states, same dynamic. There’s an empowered right wing forcing it on them and no way out. All they can do is hope the next weird nobody is at least functionally competent and won’t precipitate total annihilation.


Fuck off, you Tory piece of shit, Braverman.

Nice Jazz Club


The other part of this is that the Supreme Court is going to rule on Wednesday about the “deport people to Rwanda” scheme, which, whilst not Braverman’s idea, was championed strongly by her.
Firing her before this decision means that either (a) the Court rules against the policy, in which case they can drop it easily, or (b) the Court says something else, in which case Braverman gets no easy political benefit.

I mean, either way it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference. Moving virtually almost everyone around less than a year out from an election suggests that Sunak just wants to create chaos, and by leaving the Chancellor in place suggests that they are going to try a tax cut approach as their only escape plan.


Who would have thought that a strategy of cannibalism and necromancy would serve the Tories well for so long?


And you thought Nad’s book was nonsense…

…it is.


I thought that Johnson was the author of his own downfall. A self-unmade man.


Someone check the homework of a dunce on parliamentary government rules: the next UK general election can be no later than 28 January 2025 (which sure seems far too long into the future), unless Rishi Sunak calls for an earlier election, which by all estimates he’d never do …?


Another horrifying thing she said that was overshadowed by the stuff about Israel & Palestine was that homelessness is a “Lifestyle Choice”.

All of us are just one bad day away from living on the street. I hope her bad day comes soon.


Sunak needed a majority of Conservative MPs to become Prime Minister. If he hadn’t been able to secure their votes, it would have gone back to the Party membership who would have voted for Boris Johnson (again). Braverman was a candidate with a hard core of followers; he gave her the Home Office in exchange for her votes.


As long as they are not in the EU! :wink: I suspect his official title will be “Foreign Secretary for the rest of the world except the EU”. They will have to get someone else to do that bit … oh, wait, hmm, there is nobody qualified.

And to prove there is nobody competent or qualified, they had to appoint Cameron to the HoL!


I overheard some Tory woman minister blame the backlash against Braverman on misogyny, and my only thought was "Being a woman makes you a horrible fascist piece of shit?: Fucking hell I hate Tories.


Despite UK public opinion heavily favouring the ejection of the government as soon as possible, the election date will effectively be decided by the prime minister.

The law calls for a 5 working weeks campaign, which they’ll never do over the Christmas to New Year holiday, so it can’t be in January. Holding an election during December is equally fraught, given that most of the population are frantically shopping or partying. So the latest realistic date would be late November 2024.


I think Cameron was as good as it got for the EU in this last cycle of clown cars disgorging PMs and ministers.

Though Truss was the least worst when it came to Ireland. Her regime was “like whatever, let’s just act like normal people and do our talking together first and then go to the press?”. Which was a refreshing change.


But I suspect that most of the EU bigwigs have not forgiven him for his fuckwitted ‘negotiations’ pre-referendum and his decision to hold a referendum, and then complacently assume it was a slam-dunk for remain, and the woeful campaigning that ensued.


Thank fuck for that. I should be in Japan until at least January, and will get to remote vote and miss the whole shitshow.

I was there last October in a little bar on an island off the coast. Watching the baseball draft, then the 7pm news came on - and this was the second story:

The guy I was chatting to laughed, and I just put my head in my hands :weary: