Bruce Springsteen plays "Purple Rain"


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Some of the folks from the ole’ country were there, said it was a good show.


Actually, very good video with landscape aspect.

(Nils Lofgren did a great send up of Prince’s solo!)


As a 50 + white guy, I had trouble explaining to my 19 year old son why I was a Prince fan. He still saw Prince as a Pop artist, but I kept telling him Prince was part of the Rock community. When Prince passed I told him Bruce would do a tribute. I think this video finally convinced him. Clapton’s remarks didn’t hurt either.

As Bruce was wailing at the end, it is remarkable how much it sounds like one of his songs, with the vocalizations and driving beat. I also liked that he passed the solo off, because I love Bruce, but he is not that good on guitar, and could have ruined it.

That band in heaven keeps getting better. Hendrix and Prince would be something to see. Left and Right together at last.


Been to about 10, and trust me they were all good. This would have been special though.


And he’s released an mp3:


The Boss, skidding across the stage, on his knees:



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