Brussels: Water cannons turned on anti-TTIP protesters fighting the Son of ACTA


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Politicians all around Europe are walking on a progressively tight rope, not listening to the citizens but to the big corporations, their fall will be brutal and traumatic and we will pay for their blindness.

The Elections for the European Parliament are this Saturday 25th. If you are European and are going to vote remember not to vote for any of these corrupt and inept assholes. We can change the system.


Specifically, vote for one of the parties that opposes TTIP (Green) rather than the unprincipled wankhandles that support it (most others) or the absentee xenophobic petty-fascists that do nothing useful at all (UKIP).

If you merely don’t vote, you tacitly support the worst of them. It’s not like they will notice or care about not having a mandate or a high turnout.


I’m in USA, so can’t vote. But the term, “wankhandles” has now become part of my vocabulary. Thank you.

My work here is done.


We need a faster way to remove from office the elected officials who are no longer acceptable.

See? Occupy really DID make a difference!

the rainbow totally subverts the tone of that picture.

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action:

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