Bryan Lee O'Malley's Seconds pushes the boundaries of spacetime


It’s really very good. It has some of the playfulness of Scott Pilgrim but it’s darker and full of the angst and self-doubt that comes when your indestructible early 20s wear off. It’s more sincere, less referential… maybe that comes with maturity too.

Liked it a lot. I have a feeling we’re just seeing the start of what O’Malley’s capable of.

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I understand the reasons why it’s uncouth to ask, but I was kind of hoping this would get into the duelling perspectives of Seconds, and Solo, Hope Larson’s new webcomic, on their recent divorce (or split).

Seconds is talking about going back in time to right wrongs. Solo is talking about the end of a very public romance within an artistic community.

I know it’s untoward to talk about, but they’re both (seemingly) exploring it with such poise and sensitivity in tremendous works. I wish they would level about it in interviews a little more.

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I’m a glutton for punishment, but the idea of starting a restaurant opens the doors to horrors beyond my imagination.

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