Bud Light's weird and bad "Grunge" commercial from the 1990s


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And the worst thing is it was futile. Grunge kids were yesterday’s hipsters, so naturally they drank Pabst Blue Ribbon.


I weirdly kinda want a Bud Light now.

Edit: this also had me start searching for more Bud Light Spotlight spots (regional Bud Light ads)… They are all super weird.

SF, 1992:

Dallas Fort-Worth, 1993:

Washington, DC, 1993:

Tampa, 1994:

And this one appears to be raw footage from some spotlight recording sessions… Presumably not used for TV as it’s… Kinda extra crazy:

“Why do you drink Bud light?” “Because it makes me wanna fuck!”


“and it hits me riiiiighhhhttttt theeereeee!” [Pointing to pussy]



Wow that’s not what I expected at all. It’s really strange and surprising to see drinking in a beer commercial portrayed in such a skeevy way.


It seems pretty tame until you learn she’s 13 years old.


Douchebags get thirsty too.




Yup. Pretty much every video in the mid 90s had that swinging bright spotlight.



So painful.


Thankfully actual grunge music fans were the opposite of hipsters. They just liked excellent music. And actual good beer - no Coors Lite, PBR or Budweiser need apply…


I actually found a use for Bud Lite Lime. If you drop in a shot of Gin, it’s fairly tolerable. I call it a ‘Limey Fuck.’


I think that last one won an award from Adweek.


They were no different then hipsters, in fact probably worse pretending that the warmed over classic rock they were listening was some great and important.

I look back at myself and what I was into in the 90’s and it’s embarrassing.

At least today “hipsters” are entrepreneurial. Grunge was all about being real, and not doing anything, and bitching about EVERYTHING.


Reminds me of the old joke: What’s a Sorority girls’ mating call? “I’m SOOO drunk!!!”


Don’t beat yourselves up for having been young once, gang. We all get a shot at it, and we all wake up the next morning.


Pretty shitty joke, actually.


Jim Morrison was alive in the nineties?