Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch ditches marketing executives responsible for post featuring transgender star

Bud light isn’t cheap beer. I drank cheap beer when I was in my twenties. Bud light is ‘premium’ beer, which is full price American swill. Cheap beer is Old Milwaukee or Lone Star or Milwaukee’s Best or Meister Brau…


I don’t buy beer so how would I know anyways :upside_down_face:

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There will be a resurgence among neo-liberals of the future.


Bud Light is a drink

I’m going to have to stop you right there.


Ok settled… I won’t take a an ice cold bud even if’s free, and THAT is saying something!


It really shows that the idea that companies are just being capitalists and doing what’s popular, in terms of who they do ads with/for, just isn’t true. When a minority group of conservatives freak out over promotions that a majority of Americans are fine with, the dynamics change completely. Everything’s so polarized - and more importantly, one sided in its polarization - that the most minor gesture in certain directions will now be weaponized by some conservatives (and years after the fact - e.g. Jack Daniels and Drag Race) and turn into a big deal, but there’s no equivalent acts by those on the left. Only the biggest ad campaign involving someone really reprehensible gets a reaction from the left, and even then not the kind of organized hissy-fit we’re seeing being thrown by the right now. The kind of small advertising acts the right are freaking out don’t get a response from the left, regardless of who’s involved. It ends up wildly unbalancing who gets attention in ad markets and what kind of popular, mainstream views don’t get mentioned, and what groups don’t get representation. It’s a return to the culture wars of the '80s, where far-right religious groups held outsized cultural power to censor what got said, only now there’s recognition that these groups don’t represent the majority.


That’s cold.

Smirnoff Ice-cold.



Jeez man and I went and bought the gayest bud light I could find just to do my part. It was fucking nasty and I’ll never do that again, but now it was a completely pointless gesture!


I haven’t had a beer in 37+ years but when I was drinking beer, on payday it was expensive imports and as the week went on and I ran out of money it was Old Milwaukee and quarts of Miller in brown paper bags. I never understood budweiser.

I’m a contractor, in a couple of the shops the guys will stand around after work, all they drink is bud light. I’ve been known to fill up thier fridge with bud light.

I can’t wait to see if they’re still drinking it this summer. They are all huge red hat bigots. If I see one bud light I’m gonna haven’t some serious fun. If they’ve stopped drinking it I may fill up their fridge and see what happens.


From personal experience, even though I now very rarely drink.

  1. Cheapish with out being bottom tier cheap.

  2. For people who don’t like the taste of beer and only want to feel the effects, it’s pretty mild on taste and allows you to drink enough to get the job done with out getting bleched out.



Maybe the label. But the style of drink is everywhere, in Lime-a-Ritas, Truly, and White Claw.


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