Buffalo shooter was in an online chatroom with a retired federal agent prior to shooting

So, really, shouldn’t these people be culpable of something? Conspiracy?


And they were the people that the murderer trusted to invite into his private chat room.

Which kind of kills the “just doing research” defense.


“Retired federal agent” is infuriatingly vague. Coulda been a USPS letter carrier, or James Comey.


I used to be a USPS letter carrier, and I’m retired. I don’t visit racist websites though, so it wasn’t me.


Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re guilty of anything but being despicable. It doesn’t sound like there was any conspiracy, just the guy telling friendly ears what he was going to do.

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Guns are a mental health issue. And clearly, law enforcement agents are not mental health professionals. Therefore, it’s not their fault/problem/job/whatever. In fact, the next time people complain that police aren’t doing their job, ask yourself: where are the psychologists and counselors when there are mass shootings? Mass shooting can obviously be solved by sending in armed mental health professionals.

An unhealthy fixation on guns (Guns are My Only Logical Defense, Lone Wolf Syndrome in a Shared Ideology, etc.) is a mental health issue. FTFY.

So, are you lobbying against supporting more mental health support for Texas communities, or even nationwide?


Busy trying to help survivors rebuild their shattered lives because some insecure asshole felt entitled to take whatever stressors he may have been experiencing out on innocent victims.


Did I miss the memo that showed the US had 6 times the rate of mental heath disorders as Canada and 50 times that of the UK?


This wasn’t some random ranting. This was a specific plan with specific targets. At the least, it’s as @KathyPartdeux said:

Or accessory to the crime itself if there was any back-and-forth discussion.

Why the need to always excuse people for heinous acts? Is it a hobby?


I regret that I was not ridiculous enough to think I could exclude a tag…

This is one of the NRA/conservative talking points…that somehow, “guns aren’t the problem. Mental health is”…like you could magically solve mass shootings with more psychologists instead of gun control.

…with programs aimed at socializing young men and enough (adequately paid) therapists and social workers who can help folks deal with marriage and family issues that often stem from patriarchal society and misogyny?

The problem in the USA is more than just access to guns, and reducing access would only be a start to fixing our problems, because there are still too many ways people use the status quo to harm and disenfranchise entire swaths of folks.

Racism, fascism, murder…it’s all interconnected.


This guy wrote out a huge manifesto about what he was doing and included his planning and dry runs, as well as training materials for those who want to do similar in the future. His manifesto isn’t bragging, it’s a fucking guidebook. And I suspect this retired agent helped him formulate it.

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True. It’s a huge, multifaceted problem that will never be solved with simple talking points. Should there be better/more access to mental health services? Absolutely. Will that stop every looney/troubled person who wants to shoot people? Nope, but it’ll be a deterrent.

But likewise, should there be more/better controlled access to deadly weapons? Absolutely. Will that stop every looney/troubled person who wants to shoot people? Nope, but it’ll be a deterrent.

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