Bugs on the Net Neutrality banner


After a week or so of it appearing on my desktop browser (TenFourFox, OSX 10.5.8) already set to 00:00:00:00, it’s appeared on my iPad browser (Safari, iOS 5.1.1) today, also set to zero; not only that, but it refuses to go away, even when I click the X. Instead, it bounces up to middle of the screen and makes scrolling very unreliable; in that after scrolling to a post, it makes the page jump so that the scrolled post flicks up or down half a screen. It’s very disorienting, and very annoying.


Rob is working on it!


Work faster, Rob! Do more of the things!


Game over, man! We won!


The ‘We won’ banner still won’t go away when I tap the X, though.


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