Bugs on the Net Neutrality banner

After a week or so of it appearing on my desktop browser (TenFourFox, OSX 10.5.8) already set to 00:00:00:00, it’s appeared on my iPad browser (Safari, iOS 5.1.1) today, also set to zero; not only that, but it refuses to go away, even when I click the X. Instead, it bounces up to middle of the screen and makes scrolling very unreliable; in that after scrolling to a post, it makes the page jump so that the scrolled post flicks up or down half a screen. It’s very disorienting, and very annoying.

Rob is working on it!

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Work faster, Rob! Do more of the things!

Game over, man! We won!

The ‘We won’ banner still won’t go away when I tap the X, though.

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