Build new empires in the latest release in Sid Meier's Civilization franchise


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Curse you Sid Meier!



Freudian slip?


“Come one! Come all! Open your wallets and have a ball!”


Civ VI continues Civ V’s hexametric goodness. Fewer mods than V and far fewer than IV as well as Mac play constantly being a step behind PCs. The game is more colorful or cartoon-y but I actually like it and there are mods that adjust the color tone to be more muted, Westerossi or your style. Overall very lovely (when you make a wonder the sun rapidly transits the sky and the shadows and reflections all go wild for a moment, nice touch… the gradual change is nice too). I got Rise and Fall and it is a good extension imho.

You can pick it up on Steam for much less at regular intervals, but the series is a great waster of time and brain cycles (what if I did THIS? or a map entirely of tiny islands? or or or)


Wow this was big news a year ago… Or has it been two? The $4 discount is nice. You could play Civ and get a Whopper with the change!


Look, I had enough of a problem with the original Civilization; actual good graphics and updated gameplay may lead to someone finding my desiccated husk of a corpse hunched over a keyboard, mummified finger hovering permanently above the mouse button.


(Civ V has much better graphics, IMO. Civ VI is cartoony and bad.)


Meh. I’ll stick to Civ II and Alpha Centauri.


Alpha Centauri for the win, definitely.


I wonder why there’s no new version of that.


Civ II was one of the best games ever made.


I need a new pc :frowning:

ETA: any fave 4x games for iOS? I’m trying Polytopia rn and I like it but it’s not deep enough.


Beyond Earth was kind of a sequel to Alpha Centauri, but I don’t think it lived up to the world- building premise of the original.


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