Last chance to get Civ VI for half off


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Hurry before it drops to $20!


Just in case you missed getting it for $12 in the Humble Monthly Bundle last month.


And just in time to purchase the new $30 expansion set released last week.


Actually it’s free right now on Steam. Do I win?

(It’s only free for the next 3 hours, hardly long enough for a game.)


I’m gonna stick to Alpha Centauri and Civ II for now…


Interesting, I thought it would be for the iPad app which I have been getting emails saying SAVE SAVE SAVE Before it is too late!!!


I’ve loved every iteration until VI, but that cartoony art just puts me off.

Also, did I hear they removed religion from the game completely? Or just waiting to sell some DLC like last time?


The cartoony bits are distracting at first. But it helps you to quickly see what is what in a city or district. I played Civ V for a while the other day and it felt kind of flat? On religion, Civ VI actually has a pretty interesting take on it (so annoying when another Ai player gets all the good religion bonuses and then swamps you with Apostles and Missionaries). A fairly recent update also made the graphical interface for religious units much richer. I can’t wait for the new expansion to come to Mac!


Religion is still in the game. Just very different from how it was done in Civ5.


it’s prob a good thing laptop can’t handle it because I have wayyy too much schoolwork to have a new civ in my life


Civ II forever.

I downloaded Civ V to entertain myself on a trip when I would not have wifi. First one I’ve played since Civ II. Steep learning curve for sure, but my chief complaint is that the graphics are so detailed that it’s hard for me to tell wtf is going on and what is where.

When I want to get sucked into a Civ-hole, I’ll still fire up my old-old laptop that runs Classic and play Civ II.


I’ve never played any of these games. I did have a copy of Sim Isle once, long ago, but never got a chance to play it.

Someday. I still have all these other games of yore to play.

I still have my 1400c. Hm.


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