Sid Meier's Civilization VI for Nintendo Switch is selling for a deep discount today

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This is tempting, but I already have Civ VI on steam and iOS (playing it on an iPhone is a nice gimmick, but the UI ultimately isn’t great. It’s much more enjoyable on an iPad.)

Civ VI is the one I’ve least gotten into. Maybe I’ve just gotten old enough that we’ve finally parted ways, after a lifetime together, but in typical fashion I’m going to blame it, not me:

I feel like Civ has always wonderfully navigated the fine line between giving you enough options and things to do without overwhelming you. With Civ VI, it finally crossed that line.

I find it really difficult to make the commitment to building a new district, having to sacrifice a tile for that. There are too many kinds of special resources that I need to hunt down or negotiate trade treaties for; I’ve never had the patience for the finickiness of diplomacy. Oh boo-hoo, I invaded some other player 500 years ago, can you please get over the warmonger penalty?

Frankly, I wish there was a new iteration of Civ Revolutions on mobile platforms (Switch or mobile). I’ve lost dozens of hours to the initial CivRev on DS. I hated the toyish graphics and unskippable animations of Civ Rev 2 (get out of my face, Fermi!), though it did a good job expanding the mechanics and technologies.

Sometimes I have wondered about playing one of these games. But is there any reason to play it on Switch rather than iPad? I feel like I’m more likely to get into it if I can play it while also half-watching TV.

I mean, one selling point of the switch is that you can alternate between tv and handheld. It’s a little smaller than an iPad, but not tiny

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I love the hell out of VI

Wow that’s 5 cents less than Farm Expert 2019

Well, I wasn’t going to buy a Switch or an iPad just to play this game. I already have one of each, gloated bobtato, but if I were going to play the game casually on a touchscreen, I’d rather use the iPad as the screen is much better (and quite a lot bigger in my case), and the battery lasts longer. But if it needs your full attention and/or benefits from being on the TV, I’d probably play it on the docked Switch and use the nice controller.

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