Civ VI's Gathering Storm expansion is now available on iOS

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Civ VI is one of two games I have on my iPad and it’s outstanding. I highly recommend it to anybody with a lot of spare time on their hands.


That’s the problem. Civilization isn’t a game, it’s software for removing hundreds of hours from one’s life in the blink of an eye.


In this, the second add-on to Civilization VI, players are introduced to the misery of natural disasters. Build on a flood plain, sooner or later, you’re going to have a bad day.

Those of us that cut our teeth on the boardgame call these “calamity cards.” The flood card was the bane of whoever was playing Egypt. Leading to the oft repeated quote in our gaming group “No, No Dislexius, don’t build a city on a floodplain.”


Just one more turn, indeed.


Long long ago after Civ I was out, but before Civ II (so really we just called it “Civ”) I got my first post-University job writing video games at Microprose’s short lived coinOp spinoff. Despite being a distinct company we actually got the Microprose benefits, one of which was “any Microprose game for $5” (except cartridge games).

I bought Civ because friends said it was great. I bought it on a Friday, and after dinner I loaded it up with the plan to take play a bit before bed and figure out what it was all about and then play a “real game” on Saturday.

So I’m playing and figuring things out, and eventually realize my throat hurts. A few turns later I get the theory that it is because I’m “really thirsty”. A few turns after that I realize it is light outside. I’ve played all night, past sunrise, and into the morning.

I got some water, and continued my game :wink:


I think every Civ fan has their first oh god moment. I sat down to play one evening and a few turns later couldn’t figure out why my eyes hurt and it was so bright… only to realize that the extra light was sunrise.


40 dollars for any DLC is overpriced…

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