Civilization VI has been ported to iPhone and my productivity has died

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my productivity has died

And soon you’ll discover, so too has your battery.


Which @SeamusBellamy did mention in the article.


As someone who loves CIV#, I dl’d the iPad version and couldn’t say it was in improvement. Better to simply play on giant screen with beefy gfx card. That they CAN do it on an iPad Pro… hmmmm that is some serious hardware under the hood… give me a 17" iPad Pro and I think we may have a sale!

I think I still prefer PS1 games, in general, for phone play. With a Moga Power Pro 2 controller — that happens to work as a “wired” XBox 360 controller with “MogaSerial” (important if you use alternate drivers like XBCD) — they play exactly like they did “back in the day,” albeit with better graphics/sound and other optional improvements ^^’.

You simply cannot outshine playing the original PS1 “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”, XCom - UFO Defense"/“Terror from the Deep”, or “Descent” on your phone, although yes, a modern Civ game WOULD be nice; The PS1 version of Civ 2 is still good fun but more than a bit dated.

I love Civilization. I’ve played Civilization VI on the iPhone for a couple hours today on an iPhone Xs Max.

I don’t think I’ll play it on iPhone for long.

Sure, it’s the full Civ VI experience, which is great from a depth of play perspective, but…

For one thing, they haven’t fixed some of the UI annoyances, such as the ADHD unit sequencing. It seems random when it’ll automatically switch to the next unit, and when you’ll have to tap the “next unit” button yourself. And of course there’s always the bait-and-switch of when it’ll select one unit, and a fraction of a second later decide that actually it’ll select this other one.

Dragging for movement is great… except when you want to go beyond the edge of the screen. I’ve had inconsistent results on when it will move the view or not.

Selecting a unit (or moving to a hex) that’s behind a city banner (pretty often during a siege!) is as frustrating as always. as you accidentally trigger the city instead.

All of the above means moving a large army is an exercise in frustration management.

And of course, the usual lack of build queue, which means that in the mid-to-late game gets really hard keeping track of what you were planning for each city.

Sadly, the more I play Civ VI, the more I long for the previous versions. It’s not that its game design concepts are bad (on the contrary), just that the UI quality-of-life features are so frustrating!

And I’m still praying for another Civ Revolutions. I liked its summarized, accelerated format, which worked great for mobile and games that lasted just a few hours rather than 20!


I bought Civ III for my son a few days ago. It was $4 on steam, hard to say no to that. He’s played it for a total of 2 hours so far (we give him 30 min of games on school nights) and he’s already hooked. Every night he’s been asking me about strategies and researching online…and he’s barely into the middle ages.

I’m sure the later versions are even better, but I refuse to play it again. I lost too much time in grad school to Civ III.


I love the idea of big games on my phone even if I never play them. I have Xcom! Never finished the first mission.

I’m screwed if they port the old Command & Conquer games…
(I :heart: Tiberian Sun)

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Seconded, I love Civ Rev!

But you know there actually was a sequel (Civ Rev 2) on Android, iOS and Vita, i.e. specifically for devices?

3 is my second favorite! Used to play it on my netbook years ago. My first is Civ4. It’s just the perfect mixture of everything enjoyable about the series: nostalgic graphics,( takes me back to friday computer class), Non insane AI, You could still stack units, and otherwise the best elements of 3,2, and 1.

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For proper retro-Civ, I still have a copy of this on the shelf somewhere… :slightly_smiling_face:


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