Bull shows car who's boss


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Too bad it wasn’t a DODGE, might have gotten away


Unless he was driving a RAM, of course.


The bit just before that wasn’t caught on tape was the car tailgating the bull…


This is why Texans equip their vehicles for self defense.


I think maybe the bull is just having fun. I mean, look at that wagging tail, and the playful manner in which he tries to gore the car!


Looks like he hit a fuel line at the end. Maybe it was the windscreen water reservoir but a lot of clear liquid comes gushing out from under that wheel arch.


So what’s the conversion factor between horsepower and bullpower?


I’ll say this in my best faux Russian accent:
Is strong like bull.


This idiot has kids in the back, of course.



So, completely unprovoked. The bull is being a dick.


Based on location, I’d say washer fluid or antifreeze. Most likely washer fluid though, since coolant fluid reservoirs tend to a be a little more centrally located. Fuel lines don’t run that far forward to one side on a car or SUV in my experience, though I’m happy to learn new things.


i call bull…


In Soviet Russia, car gores bull!
Bull needs laser strapped to head!
Christ, what a — pair of horns!


Dude was clearly asking for it, parking his car on the bull’s road like that.


As a cyclist let me be the first to congratulate the bull


A fuel line wouldn’t gush like that, and washer fluid reservoirs are closer to the windshield. Probably punctured a radiator hose. Hope the bull didn’t lap any of it up afterwards!


A Taurus would have at least had and even chance.