Watch what predictably happens when a car slams into a gas pump

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They all walked away from that? Time to play the lottery…


Kind of surprised there wasn’t more “boom”, but glad for everyone involved that there wasn’t.


Oh Modesto, trying so hard to be the Florida of California


actually she ought to be glad she hit the pump island. it did immediately stop that out-of-control car, which was really flying.


Reminds me of a local story.

A couple years ago, a clueless minibus driver found his vehicle verheating. So what did he do? He pulled into a gas station next to a gas pump.


I’m guessing the pumps over there are built a little differently to the ones here in England. As someone who has worked in a petrol station for the last 14 years, I’ve seen the same thing happen personally, and there was no explosion. It was, however, one of the scariest moments of my life, as I was the lone night worker at the time.

I think our pumps pull all of the fuel back down into the underground tanks once the customer has hung the nozzle back up, so there is no fuel in the actual pump. The drunk driver who knocked our pump clean across the forecourt got out of the car and stumbled away down the road, only to be picked up by a police officer responding to our alarm. The driver was totally unscathed.


So, not in Grand Detour, Illinois?

that was the most uncomfortable hip hop song ever.

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It didn’t burst into as many flames as I’d have assumed

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