"I want THAT one!" Driver gets mad that she can't use a particular gas pump

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I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get through my day without being able to rage at some completely random person in an internet video. Because what more productive use of my time is there?


I don’t know what her problem is, but I have known instances where a specific pump was the one you wanted-- one spot I used to hit there was a pump that sort of “leaked” when you squeezed the handle, so if you bought $20 you could get quite a bit more than $20 of fuel if you played it right. Still, I wouldn’t harass anyone just to get that pump.


To be fair, if you’re not pumping gas, get out of the freaking way. It’s a gas pump, not a parking lot.


Careful: Your sarcasm is showing.

This happens a lot in my area. There’s a very popular gas and convenience store chain, and people pump gas and then go inside the store to buy food, etc… I’ve often pulled up behind cars at the pump prepared to wait my turn, only to realize there’s no one behind the wheel of either vehicle. It’s also dangerous because that forces people to drive more around the parking lot and pumps, trying to maneuver into an open space. The number of distracted people backing out from in front of the store or trying to reach the exits makes it an extra fun time. :unamused:


If you own a diesel car, this becomes a problem. Very few pumps for you, frequently blocked by folks taking their time.

I solved that problem partly by buying an adapter so I can use the big truck pumps.

This lady definitely does not have a diesel. Nor patience.


I’m sorry: Do not sit at a pump if you’re not actively pumping gas.


Maybe Karen had a diesel, and that was the only diesel pump and she was already running late for pilates already, and wouldn’t be able to stop at BOTH Starbucks and Whole Foods beforehand.

(ETA: FWIW: I linger long enough at the pump to write down my mileage, then GTFO. If I need to look up directions, I park somewhere first, since my phone is notoriously slow).


Maybe… my parents live in a town (not the same where this was shot) where one gas station has signs that show it has the cheapest gas–but only on one pump. The rest are well above average. Obviously they prey on people not realizing the game. Not sure if that’s the case here… but maybe.

And yeah, as other have said… pump or move.


Here, too. One time I pulled up behind someone to wait for them to finish. They finished pumping, then hopped out of the car to go into the market, and I thought, rude. But I just chilled and waited.
Here’s the kicker, when they pulled out and I pulled up to the pump, turns out another driver had entered from the other side (I couldn’t see them before) and was waiting for that pump and they got pissed at me! Loud honking and aggressive flipping off and swearing. Talk about misdirected anger. I did feel bad, though, because they were obviously having a bad day/week/life.


OMG!!! Some lady just YELLLLLLED at meee. i hope at least the young lady moved somewhere else to post her little pouty video.


Quis ICEs ipsos ICErs?

That was my first thought, but I checked her tiktok for follow up videos and apparently the pump she was at didn’t have diesel. Would love to know what the shouty driver’s specific issue was.

Maybe the driver is upset and annoyed by the voice of that woman. That’s the most annoying thing here.


Eh, I tend to be situational about it. If there are people waiting or pumps are full so someone pulling up would have to wait, I’ll of course move. If there are open pumps and I need to go inside, IMO no harm no foul. Then there are situations in cramped plazas (this seems to always be the case in L.A.) where there might only a few parking spaces that are all taken, in which case they can get mad but what do they expect me to do, park in the handicap spot?


The only other thing I could think of that gives her even the slightest benefit of the doubt would be the pump placement and the size of her vehicle. Maybe it’s too hard to navigate in an out of the other pumps. But, sometimes the hard things are also the worthwhile things.


If it was a Defender they are petrol-engined only at present, I believe.


Relax, Karen…

  1. This irate driver certainly didn’t do anything to help my ongoing efforts not to judge people based on their vehicle of choice. Maybe driving something that large with “DEFENDER” plastered across the front really does say something about who you are.
  2. Yes, leaving your car, or sitting in your car at the pump, after you’re done pumping, regardless of how many open pumps there are, is kinda rude. Go park somewhere else, there are usually spots for that.
  3. The idiolect of the TikTokker is utterly irrelevant here. Please keep those comments to yourself.