Bullhorn Lady indicted

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Also recently arrested: a Trump State Department appointee who had top secret security clearance.


only the best people . . .


I love how these folks distrusted masks and loved social media, both of which meant they would be easier for the police to find. Talking for two hours with a journalist also helped her get nabbed.

The chants of “this is OUR house!” OK, well, it’s MY house too, and I don’t like what you’re doing in it.


Rachel “bullhorn lady” Powell

The jokes write themselves. Also, on the gray-bar hotel/cell block that nick name will carry some weight, or not…


Two things:

  1. These folks are shocked that White people get arrested for this stuff. See: QAnon Shaman, Pelosi office chair sitter.
  2. They brought ice axes but not guns. You gotta wonder.

“Rachel Powell is clearly seen speaking through a bullhorn and giving very detailed instructions about the layout of the Capitol building to others inside the room.”

If you ask me her charges aren’t harsh enough. I was fully expecting there to be a charge related to her directing others as to the layout of the building (I saw tweets about her doing this weeks ago, so it’s the first charge I expected to see). I don’t know what that charge would be but you’d think acting as a leader of a violent crowd ransacking the capitol building would merit it’s own separate and serious charge.


Roger That!


No mercy for these putzes.

Ten years in jail will be a character-building experience.


Has she tried the “I was providing security” defense yet? It seems to be growing in popularity.


The charges are easily provable, which is why you don’t see things like “attempting to overturn the government” or “leading an insurrection”. It would be much better to go for low-hanging fruit and get these people in jail on obvious things like, “you were there”, rather than risk freedom from less obvious things, “you were in charge.”

ETA: IANAL, this is just how I’m reading the situation.


Also, the misdemeanors can be upgraded to felonies at any time, if a grand jury so decides. That’s already been happening to some of these nitwits.


Re: Trump appointee with TS clearance: I wonder if he abused that clearance somehow to aid the attempted insurrection and if that’s going to lead to even more charges against him?

Is there a limit to how many charges they can have filed against them? Why limit yourself to two or three books when it’s plausible that they could warrant having the whole library thrown at them?

Charge them with “you were there” and “you attempted to overthrow the government” unless tacking on the latter could reduce the chances of convicting them of either.


My schadenfreude over this is hugely diminished knowing the Republican party is largely okay with what they did.


This is fate, comedy, tragedy, absurdity or justice depending on how you connect the dots.


Lady Bullhorn sounds like a great superhero character.

“Alright everybody, lie down on the floor; and keep calm!”


I believe that’s usually the risk. You would open yourself up to so many challenges that the case could be thrown out, or your evidence of “leading the insurrection” or whatever is so circumstantial that it creates doubt in your other evidence: “The prosecutor is just making up evidence about my client’s leadership. Can we even trust this other evidence of her being there?”


I imagine prosecutors have to consider if a not guilty verdict on the harder-to-prove charges might bleed over to not guilty across the board. Certainly we see verdicts where defendants are found guilty of only some of the charges, and experienced prosecutors know when that is likely and when it isn’t.

They are also dealing with the likelihood that a substantial portion of their jury pool are sympathetic to these defendants, and focusing on more neutral charges that are more difficult to ignore. Even by conservatives.


Nearly all of them (including any who made in-progress posts to social media) carried their cell phones into the Capitol. Isn’t that all police need to find them?

The police and press seem to be pretending otherwise; they continually highlight alternate explanations for the perps’ identification. When the police do this, it’s called “parallel construction”. When journalists do it, it’s called “dereliction of duty”.


Yeah, I’d consider any phones that hit any in-building cell sites or hotspots to be worth scrutiny. Then, there’s anything else they might have been carrying, especially if it has Bluetooth active. Just like Ethernet and Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices have unique MAC addresses.