Burbank! I'll see you tonight at 7PM at the Buena Vista library

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Just out of curiosity, now that you’ve been living in LA for a while, does it feel like home? How hard is it for you to get to Burbank at 7pm?

I have some friends living there and they travel to other parts of LA about as often as I travel from Austin to Dallas or Houston (and it can take as long).

I live in Burbank, so getting there by 7 is pretty straightforward – and my commute is my garage, so it’s an easy walk home for supper, too.

I really love Burbank. It’s quite the idea mix of an independent small city (with its own government, free from many of LA’s dysfunctions) and still part of a megalopolis, with all the cosmopolitan amenities that implies.

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Have you tried out Yaki’s on Alameda? Great teriyaki bowls and such!

Nope! I try not to eat sugar, so teriyaki is generally not on the menu for me.

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